Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Westfield Whitford City

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Westfield Whitford City


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A Max Brenner Chocolate Bar has opened at Westfield Whitford City in Hillarys. Max Brenner is a dessert restaurant and retail brand that has over 38 stores in Australia and many more in other parts of the world. The brand new store in Hillarys is just the second one of its kind to open in Western Australia. Another shop opened in Joondalup in 2015 much to the joy of chocoholics everywhere.

Max Brenner's headquarters is based in New York City. The company's logo is a picture of a bald-headed man and its slogan is "Chocolate By The Bald Man". The company was started in Israel in 1996 by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner who combined their names to create the brand Max Brenner.

The business started off as a small shop selling handmade chocolates. It eventually grew into a chocolate empire with stores popping up in the United States, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Russia and China. The brand is known for its whimsical approach to food and for inviting people to take part in what they call chocolate culture. When you step into a Max Brenner store it is like walking into Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Max Brenner is all about decadence, romance, and a love for chocolate. The stores are designed to be a "chocolate sensory immersion" for patrons. They serve chocolate-based desserts like fondue, crepes, milkshakes, waffles and hot chocolate. Many of their dishes are served in unique utensils designed to enhance the chocolate experience for the customer.

There is the "Hug Mug" which has no handles and is meant to be held with both hands so you can absorb the heat of the hot chocolate right into your hands.

The "Kangaroo Cup" is designed for cappuccinos. The cup has a pocket filled with chocolate. You can lick the chocolate off or mix it into your coffee. How delicious!

The first thing that drew my attention to Max Brenner was its chocolate shop. You can buy gift bags, blocks of chocolate, waffles, hug mugs and more. The real thing that makes Max Brenner stand out is its huge and very creative menu. We spent a while debating what we were going to get. There was SO MUCH CHOICE!

We ended up choosing the waffles for two. It was a good decision. The dish that came out to us was the perfect size for us to share. The waffles were a decent size and came out drizzled with chocolate and with a serving of strawberries, banana and ice cream on the side. The dish was not too sweet and the waffles had a delightful sugary crunch to them.

I enjoyed my visit to Max Brenner and I am planning to return.

I'm going to try their Popsicle Fondue next!

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