Masala Point Cafe

Masala Point Cafe


Posted 2012-07-01 by S Lynnfollow
Masala Point café and restaurant is located at a premium waterfront position in an exclusive corner of Woody Point just beside the Woody Point jetty.

I visited the café on a bright, sunny day and the view from the outside of the café was stunning. Picturesque views of the shimmering blue sea in the backdrop of happy families at the nearby playground.

The café is also a favourite stop for people looking for a treat after their morning jog or strenuous cycling workout. There is nothing more rewarding than indulging in a filling, delicious piping hot breakfast after a tiring but satisfactory workout session.

I, on the other hand, had just rolled out of bed and needed a pick-me-up. I had previously bought a voucher off Livingsocial for an all-day breakfast and hot drink for two at Masala Point café and was ready to put it through the "pressure test" (Masterchef lingo for stressful cook-off).

We entered the café and we were served immediately. That was a positive score for customer service. The owner (Gloria) did not even bat an eyelid when I told her I was using a voucher and I was treated like a valued full-paying customer. This is how voucher users should normally be treated but I have had a few experiences in the past where this was not the case so Masala earned another positive score for this.

The breakfast menu had all the usual morning breakfast choices such as bacon and eggs, eggs benedict, French toast and the all-day-breakfast option consisting of Nothling Bros Pork sausages, bacon roses, eggs of our choice, hash brown, balsamic tomato and mushrooms on cornbread.

I ordered a hot chocolate and eggs benedict with salmon which came with homemade hash, home smoked salmon and creamed spinach ($14). The meal came out nicely decorated and looked appealing.

The salmon caught my interest straightaway. Instead of the normal smoked salmon slivers that are served at other cafes, the salmon on the plate was actually a fair sized chunk of fresh-looking salmon. Even better, it was nicely smoked. It looked like a lot of effort had gone in to serve that dish and the amount of salmon I received definitely made by dish good value for money.

The homemade hash was delicious as well and the eggs benedict was drizzled with yummy hollandaise sauce. The dish would have gotten an almost flawless review if it were not for the large bits of pepper that I bit into while tasting the dish. Some people may actually like them, but I don't. It was easy enough to pick them out though, while eating.

The portion was filling, especially with the chunk of salmon and it satisfied my expectations of a pick-me-up. I was definitely awake after the sensational tasting session! My breakfast companion ordered the same dish and was similarly impressed with the eggs benedict and wanted to add that his chai latte (creamy and delicious) merited a mention.

As Masala Point is famous for their Indian Balti cuisine, I had expected something a little different in the breakfast menu. However, it appeared that their exotic fare mainly extended to their dinner menu.

The word Balti translates simply as "food cooked in a wok or bucket". There is a range of Indian Balti curries in the dinner menu including Mogewala Kukargh which consists of chicken Tikka and tomatoes with shahi jeera masala as well as Ghosht and Wadi Biryani which is Lamb and dhal dumplings, cooked with rice. Mains range between $14 - $28 AUD. The dinner menu looked pretty interesting and I will be sure to come back to sample the Indian Balti fare.

Cooking enthusiasts can soon learn the ropes from Masala Point with cooking lessons on both European and Indian-style cooking. If you are organizing a big event, Masala Point offers a canapé/catering menu as well. The chef (Sunil), is more than happy to create custom designed plates according to customers' preferences. Choices range from devilled Chicken wings with romesco sauce to vegetable samosa with data and tamarind chutney. Check out what's else is available at Masala Point by giving it a try.

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