Maroochy Waters Three Parks Loop

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Posted 2020-09-12 by Elainefollow

My curiosity was piqued! A 3.3km length neighbourhood walk-in Maroochy Waters sounded perfect for an early morning, weekday challenge.

The is certainly not the outdoor adventure that you would perchance stumble upon when out and about, in search of the unrivalled ocean and hinterland views. It's more about being a local resident and knowing the ins and outs of what your immediate neighbourhood has to offer, adventure-wise. I am a firm believer that the best way to become acquainted with one's neighbourhood is with walking. It's also a fabulous way to meet and make new friends.

For walkers, runners and cyclists, the offer an unbusy, quick-exercise-fix, where your contemplations may occasionally be broken with the rhythmic sounds of passing traffic on the motorway. A pair of earphones may be the solution to this one.

With the Sunshine Coast Council's directions in hand, plus our trusty mobile GPS, my adventurous other and I made our way to Tepequar Drive in Maroochydore. The starting point for the Three Parks Loop is at Mayflower Park, where, during the week, there was ample residential street parking to be found. The tranquil Mayflower Park has a well-equipped children's playground area set within its lush, green-lawned park, plus an abundance of space for that weekend game of cricket and footie with the children. Walkthrough Mayflower Park to the far western corner (this is where your GPS comes in handy for compass directions), taking the exit onto the footpath on Maroochy Waters Drive.

Twenty metres down the footpath, walkers will come upon the second little park, with its very own paved walkway that loops all the way around the entire park and back again to the footpath on Maroochy Waters Drive. This pretty park loop is level, well-maintained and is sure to be a hit with the young-at-heart, wheelchair users and mums and dads with strollers.

Once having completed the second park circuit, it's back onto the main footpath. Continue north (GPS again), meandering along the residential streets, with homes providing walkers with immaculate and sometimes quirky front gardens until you reach the third park, located opposite the canals. The outlook from the canal jetty overlooking the sparkling water is, undoubtedly, the most scenic part of the Three Parks Loop. It is definitely worth your while to take a seat and enjoy the tranquillity of the waters, whilst the mullet show off and a sting ray or two glide in, tantalising close, in the crystal clear waters below.

Once you've had your breather, it is time to complete the final section of this circuit. Continue on the footpath towards Traders Place, Maroochydore, where the footpath will take you onto a shared bike/pedestrian pathway, alongside the motorway.

This is probably the best section for those energetic amongst us, who would love nothing more than taking off in a good sprint, as the path here is wide and relatively level. Before reaching the overhead motorway, the pedestrian pathway veers up to the left to run parallel with the main road. Walkers continue along here for a very short distance to Arwen Street. Head left down Arwen Street and before you realise it, you will have completed the circuit and reached your initial starting point at Mayflower Park.

Mayflower Park is an inviting green space to kick back and relax with a picnic, especially after having completed the one hour's, 3.3km Three Parks Loop.
Please remember that this is a residential area and despite being in such close proximity to the motorway, local residents would be quite protective of their peace and quiet and would appreciate wannabe adventurers displaying the same respect.

The is suitable for walkers and recreational cyclists, and as mentioned before, the second park is perfect for the young-at-heart, wheelchair users and mums and dads with strollers.

Author's verdict: An easy 3.3kms loopity-loop to add to one's daily exercise regimen, with the added benefit of fewer people and therefore less busy.

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