Market de la Boqueria

Market de la Boqueria


Posted 2013-02-08 by Kathleenfollow

The offers a smorgasbord of delicious food and a feast for the senses as you stroll through. It seems like you could get almost anything that you wanted from this busy marketplace as the green wasabi and pesto cheese below will attest to.

It could be a dangerous place to bring children as they will surely be tempted by the very bright and colourful lollies that are on display everywhere. There are lots of stalls showing both hard lollies and the gummy kind. Many marzipan fruit replicas can also be found, there were even some that were cleverly crafted to resemble flowers. There are also many chocolates on offer, truffles and others with fillings, but all pretty much guaranteed to be downright delicious.

The colour continues with richly-hued spices seen below. During my visit they were smelling and looking delicious.

I'm not a fan of olives myself but these seemed pretty popular and many people do like them. I assume that like most things (except maybe curry that definitely tastes better the day after you make it) fresh is best, and these certainly seem that to me.

These cakes were tempting, but my partner ended up getting a chocolate chip one that had a sweet and subtle citrus flavour. I had one bite and wanted more.

Below is a cheeky looking piglet statue in the meat cabinet, this is a nice little photo, not like the one below it that shows a harsh reality. Not for the squeamish the meat here is fresh-looking. I have to admit that I didn't really like seeing the chicken carcasses with their heads still attached, or some kind of animal that still had its eyes in its head looking out at me from beyond the grave. Creepy. I've included it to show not only what you'll be confronted with at these markets but also because meat is a huge part of the culture here.

Most things at the market are lovely to look at though. There's plenty of fresh seafood on offer including prawns and still-crawling shellfish as well as some things that I didn't recognise.

There's much more produce than ready to eat food available here, but there are still a few tapas places. There's also a health-food place at the back where I got a paella meal (it was a paella that then had salad added to the top of it) that tasted much better than it looks in the photos.

Don't worry though: I still had room for some delicious churros and hot chocolate (first you dip your churros in the chocolate and then when you're done you drink it) on my way out of the markets.

Overall these markets are a really great place to visit for the colour and the hectic kind of atmosphere that's all part of the Barcelona vibe.

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