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Posted 2023-05-28 by Neil Follettfollow

The sign is half correct. The market is operating but the café is awaiting council approval.

Meanwhile, owner Krystle is operating a food van offering egg & bacon roll breakfasts and coffee.

The inside market is an experience to behold. The expansive display of shelving, racks and free-standing displays are full of exciting and interesting wares.

Krystle explained that every shelf and rack is rented monthly by artisans to showcase and sell their skills.

It would be impossible to describe the range of items available. They range from earrings with a difference to a small range of clothing, all hand made.

A few cute soft toys adorned several shelves.

Trinity liked the display of handmade dolls and proudly posed with them.

There are a lot of items on display, but it is not a crowded display. Island displays allow you to walk around them looking at items from several angles.

All the handicraft makers are small businesses. Krystle proudly announced that 85% of the displays were from residents of the Yarra Valley. The other 15% are from all over Australia, including Tasmania and Queensland.

The cost to display your merchandise varies, depending on the level of the shelf you chose. Compared to similar markets that I have visited, the cost is very competitive.

A range of wall decorations that I think were mosaics looked attractive. Five of them were clocks and two had a musical theme, including a violin and bow.

Other wall hangings were there such as a soft toy on a hanging plank. A trio of wood-like geese wooden carvings stood tall on a display case.

There was no end to the items displayed. Some small figurines, beauty products and more little items.

Several handmade handbags were displayed in a couple of displays along with a large variety of other products.

A trio of owls looked wise and Emma & Lucy dolls were attractive designs.

Your first and only impression of the merchandise is one of the quality of everything before you, all hand made by talented artisans.

What does Cafe 3765 mean? 3765 is the postcode of Montrose.

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