Mario Andretti Racing Experience

Mario Andretti Racing Experience


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Have you ever dreamed of being behind the wheel of an Indy-style race car? If you have a standard driver's license, and the nerves and stomach for speed, now you can drive that dream speed machine.

While not exactly the same as driving a Formula 1 race car, Indy-style cars still hit high speeds while running in oval race courses. The prices for Indy-style are also much less. A Formula 1 race day will cost about $7,000, while Indy-style runs about $900 and often less with promotions.

My hubby recently decided he couldn't resist his speed demon and so we headed down to North Carolina to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a half day at the Mario Andretti Racing Experience.

A standard run is 8 minutes, and the second package is two sessions of 8 minutes each with a break in between. This doesn't sound like a lot of driving, but when you're hitting 147 mph and need to focus EVERY SECOND, it's plenty!

Mario Andretti Racing Experience

Before we head to the track, everyone has to attend a training session. This is a video presentation and talk with questions that covers safety, track rules, and communications between control central and the driver.

After that, the drivers suit up with race outfits that slip on over their day clothes. They are provided high-performance ear buds, and a helmet.

Once suited up, the drivers wait at the main gate to claim their car. The school only allows a few cars out on the track at a time, so sometimes it may take a while, depending on the number of drivers.

The Indy car cannot start on its own, so the drivers get a boost to get them going!

It's a bit tricky figuring out just when to let go of the clutch and step on the gas, but everyone figures it out. Step on the gas already! Passing is allowed.

Once you've tested your speed limiter, and the track for 8 minutes, control central tells you when to come back onto the inner track and prepare to return.

When your car slows to a near halt, if you're not quite up to the line you get a boost from staff.

Race day takes about a half day. It's definitely worth spending the extra money to take two sessions of 8 laps, and also to get the video option. The cars have recorders in the top above the driver's seat that records the entire run.

Find them on Twitter @RaceAndretti

runs at 11 different tracks around the U.S.A. Check out locations Here

For non-drivers they also offer a three-lap piggy back ride with a seasoned driver in a two-seater car for $129.99.

This is an awesome racing experience!

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