Marie Antoinette Café Glacier

Marie Antoinette Café Glacier


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On a hot summer's day, offers a very welcomed reprieve from the sweltering heat. Located amongst other popular cafes and retailers in the busy Napoleon street precinct, the cheerful shop front of Marie Antoinette stands out from the rest, thanks to the tea towels that dangle from the tree and the colourful outdoor seating area.

The décor inside is simple and elegant with touches of typical French grandeur, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. The main attractions of this café are the wide variety of house baked goods and artisan ice-cream on offer. As if the cabinets filled with iconic French delights were not tempting enough, the menu also boasts a range of delicious sweet and savoury crêpes, galettes and waffles.

While I haven't branched out and tried a lot of these options during my few visits, I can say with conviction that a trip to Marie Antoinette devoid of ice-cream is, quite simply, sinful. I would go as far to suggest that their ice-cream will make you weak at the knees, or at least sighing with satisfaction after the very first mouthful of the rich, creamy and flavoursome concoction.

Marie Antoinette offers popular classics, such as plain vanilla and chocolate, as well as some more adventurous flavours, such as matcha green tea. They can be ordered in cones or cups in either a 'rosebud' or 'rose' size. Sundaes are also available, ideal for those young at heart. I ordered the Mademoiselle size ($8), which comes with a scoop of ice-cream, whipped cream, optional toppings and a very generous side of what I suspected to be Belgium chocolate sauce.

Despite the fact that the café was understaffed on the occasion I visited, above all I found the atmosphere to be authentic and cheery. Glassed walls surrounding the kitchen allows customers to get an insight into the fresh and wholesome preparation of the food they will consume. Additionally, French music can be heard in the background and interesting anecdotes, explaining such topics as the French art of tea, can be found on the menu. These thoughtful touches give the impression that the French couple who manage Marie Antoinette are passionate about what they do, mindful about good food and are proud of their culture.

  • Note: Marie Antoinette has been setting up shop over the past few weeks at the Bathers Beach Markets, Fremantle. Check the Facebook page to keep up to date.

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