Maren May is German - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024

Maren May is German - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024


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Thu 04 Apr 2024 - Sun 07 Apr 2024

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Maren May is German is here to clear up a few misconceptions you may have about the German sense of humour. Amidst tales of her life, she also tackles more serious topics, like that of her complicated family dynamics - humorously, of course. Do note the show contains stories of death and grief and occasional coarse language. To catch Maren's 50-minute shows, book here for performances from now till Sunday 7 April 2024 at 7.10pm at the Tasma Terrace: Tasma 3, at 4-7 Parliament Place, East Melbourne. It's only a 5-minute walk from Parliament train station. When you get off at Spring Street, go right towards Lonsdale Street, turn right onto Lonsdale Street, and find your way from there like I did, via Google Maps on the phone. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival runs till 21 April, so be sure to check out all the other shows on the website and support live entertainment and our entertainers.

Maren May introduces herself as she enters, tall and willowy, resplendent in a pair of jeans and a silky top to match. She susses out who the Germans are in the crowd and makes reference to them a couple of times during the show as she regales tales of inappropriate, and sometimes scary nursery rhymes, or children's books. From there, the stories get less innocent and more interesting as she delves into her family, why she left Germany, and her adventures along the way - learning the Australian way of small talk, which she has a problem with, and trying to make sense of it. Why she wonders, as Germans just play it straight. However, it seems she has learnt to tell stories with just a little side of silly. We all know everyone's taste is different, especially in comedy, art, and so on. On the night of the show, I witnessed a couple of ladies enthusiastically laughing out loud throughout the show. But for me, though there were a few laugh-out-loud moments (when others were not laughing) - the rest of the delivery seemed a little disjointed, a little wet around the ears, and a little lukewarm as I tried to muster a smile. Now I'm sure Maren would have a fun time trying to make sense of those expressions! Check Maren's show out for yourself and tell me what you think.

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