Maniax - Axe-throwing

Maniax - Axe-throwing


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WARNING: This article contains an un-axe-ceptable number of puns.

Looking to embrace your inner Viking-child with a bunch of friends? Then look no further than Maniax, where you can hurl axes at targets to your heart's content, and compete in a round robin tournament against your friends for the title of supreme axe master!

A booking gives you two hours with your mates to take turns throwing an axe at a target. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast.

There is an art to throwing an axe. Aiming is relatively easy, the harder part is getting the cutting edge of the axe aligned correctly so it sticks in the target. No axe wedged in target at the end of a throw equals no points.

The number of times the axe bounces off the target. Grrrrrr. Arggghhh! (incoherent growls and expletives are encouraged to get into character).

There is great satisfaction to be had in seeing your throwing improve over the course of a couple of hours. And it will. While it is harder than it looks, in our group of twenty, absolutely everybody showed noticeable improvement over the course of the session.

Who is this axe-tivity targeted at?
Maniax only takes group bookings of 8 or more, you need to wear closed toe shoes, and be eighteen years old and over. They will allow people over fifteen with a supervising adult, but hey, I reckon the target group here is adults with their mates. We did it for a birthday party, which was a rip roaring success. This would also be an awesome bucks or hens day out, or a team building exercise (provided you and your colleagues get along well together - if there's any disharmony, then this might prove too convenient an opportunity to axe-identally throwing an axe at your colleague's head). Maniax have an ample supply of viking hats and axes for cheesy photos at the end of the session, so you can have a memento of the fun day out you've had.

Axe-ceptions and Legal stuff
There's a safety briefing at the start, but it's pretty straightforward. Don't throw an axe at the target when your mate is retrieving their axe from the adjacent target.

You do have to sign various indemnity forms at the beginning of the session (e.g. Maniax aren't liable for your death/ dismemberment by another member of your party, etc) but following this, you should have a great day out!

Axe-traneous details
They have soft drinks and limited snacks available for purchase on site.

Hot tip
Axe-throwing is thirsty work. Pop next door after the session to quench that thirst at Willie the Boatman with their craft beer.

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