Mandala Organic Arts Cafe

Mandala Organic Arts Cafe


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If you're looking for something different and a healthy respite from fast food, step into another world at this fairly new venue at Mermaid Beach.
[/LINK] combines many things, to make a satisfying experience that will make you want to return again and again.

From the seating area in the permaculture garden, you walk into an ambient, large room filled with many types of eating arrangements. There's a range of tables and chairs to choose from, or select one of the comfy lounge areas placed beneath a colourful painting of a mandala and warm lamp light.

There is always good music playing and quite often its live music from the array of talented, local musicians who grace the region. The dance floor also gets put to plenty of good use as contented, well fed patrons can no longer sit still.

Pizzas, mandalas themselves, are at the forefront of the wonderful menu. There are ten delicious varieties, which include: Mexicana, Authentic Pesto, Tropicalia, Thai and even a sweet Fig and Pear version. Made with certified organic, unbleached spelt flour, each has its own unique base sauce topped with a range of vegetables, herbs, olives with Vegan nut cheese. Cooked on a stone plate in the big pizza oven, these are extraordinarily different and delicious.

There is also stir fry, nachos, veggie burgers and some unusual and exotic salads.

The cake of the day choice is always a healthy treat with healing qualities, possibly containing goji berries , chia seeds, maca powder,acai or some other superfood.

With free WiFi available,study or write while you have a drink from the juice bar.


here's fresh coconuts sliced open on the spot for you to ingest all the health properties they contain, home made ginger beer on tap or Kombucha which contains probiotic, energising qualities with tons of vitamins and minerals.

Organics are used as far as possible, filtered water, Himalayan crystal or sea salt and everything is cooked in certified organic coconut oil which can be heated to a high level without becoming toxic, unlike most other cooking oils.

Pizzas are $14. for a small and $ 24. for a large and most other dishes are around the $14. mark except for the sweets which are $7.

If its cold outside, a range of chai and organic coffee are also available. If its warm and you want quiet, you can sit amongst the garden which boasts some of the ingredients that are used inside.

Located minutes from beautiful Mermaid Beach, is well worth a visit for a very relaxing, uplifting and healthy experience.

Takeaways are also available as are bookings, functions and catering.

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