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Posted 2023-11-12 by Jonathan Phoonfollow
Recently opened, Mancini’s Cafe along O’Connell Street in North Adelaide is where you can enjoy a good range of Italian cuisine. Aside from their main menu, specials are also offered for those who like a bit of variety.

We liked the char-grilled chicken breast in the Chicken Dijonnaise very much. It was succulent with a lovely char-grilled flavour. The grilled asparagus and carrots retained some texture and the mashed potatoes were light and fluffy. A hint of saltiness was provided by the crispy prosciutto and the tangy Dijonnaise sauce partnered nicely with the chicken.

Chicken Dijonnaise (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The steak in the Steak Surf & Turf dish had a delectable charred flavour and the flesh was not too tough. The lobster did not taste fishy and the roasted asparagus, potatoes and carrots still retained a bit of bite. For those concerned about the creaminess of the spinach sauce, it was not too strong. We chose to have the sauce served separately from the steak when we ordered the dish.

Steak Surf & Turf (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The pan-seared barramundi in their Barramundi dish was cooked just right with the crisp skin contrasting wonderfully with the flesh. The broccoli retained a firm texture and the spiciness of the lemon & garlic chilli sauce is suitable for those not used to spicy foods. A bed of mashed potatoes is added as a good foil to the other ingredients.

Barramundi (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Their Chicken Salad had pieces of chicken with succulent flesh, which was grilled sufficiently to give them a lovely char-grilled flavour. Roasted capsicum and cherry tomatoes added a hint of sweetness to the dish and the honey mustard dressing gave the dish a tangy flavour. While not mentioned in the dish’s description, the salad also had a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. A lemon wedge was provided for those who want to add sharpness to the dish.

For those who prefer fish, there is a variation of the dish that replaces the chicken with barramundi.

Chicken Salad (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Barramundi Salad (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Their woodfire pizzas had a thin base and the cooking process gave the crust a nice toasted flavour. The salami and ham in the Supreme Pizza gave it a smoky flavour and olives provided saltiness to the dish. Extra flavour and texture were provided by the red onions and mushrooms.

Supreme Pizza (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

While we thought the Chicken Wings could have been more flavoursome, the flesh was juicy and easy to eat off the bones. The spiciness of the Peri Peri sauce that we chose is suitable for those not used to spicy foods.

Chicken Wings (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The size of their Rasp Choc Brownie was quite large. It had a lovely fudgy and light texture and the slight tartness of the raspberries partnered wonderfully with the chocolate. Whipped cream on the side served as a foil to the rich chocolatey taste of the brownie, if you desire, you can request for the brownie to be served heated up.

Rasp Choc Brownie (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The decor of the restaurant gave it a cosy feel and diners have the choice of indoor or outdoor seating. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy Italian cuisine in North Adelaide, consider giving Mancini’s a visit.

(Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

(Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Phone no: 8267 5975
Address: 21 – 23 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA
Opening hours: 8 am – 9:30 pm

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