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Man of the Year - Film Review

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by PerthKel (subscribe)
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Published May 18th 2023
Could and everyday man really win an election?
Man of the Year is a 2006 political comedy-drama film directed by Barry Levinson and starring Robin Williams, Laura Linney, and Christopher Walken. The movie tells the story of Tom Dobbs (Williams), a popular talk show host who decides to run for president as an independent candidate and accidentally wins the election due to a computer glitch. The film explores themes of democracy, political corruption, media ethics, and the power of the individual.

The movie begins with Tom Dobbs hosting a late-night comedy talk show called "Talk Back," where he discusses current events and political issues with his audience. During one of his shows, Tom jokes that he would make a better president than the current candidates and suggests that he might run for president himself. His off-the-cuff remark goes viral, and soon he is being urged by his fans to run for president for real.

Tom initially dismisses the idea, but after a visit to a computer company where he sees the flaws in the electronic voting machines used in the election, he becomes convinced that he could win as an independent candidate. Despite having no political experience, he launches a campaign that quickly gains momentum, as he appeals to disillusioned voters who are tired of the two-party system.

As the campaign progresses, Tom becomes more and more popular, winning the support of young voters, veterans, and other marginalized groups. However, as he gains more visibility, he also becomes the target of a smear campaign by his opponents, who use the media to spread false rumours about him.

Meanwhile, Eleanor Green (Linney), a programmer at the computer company Tom visited, discovers a glitch in the electronic voting system that could affect the outcome of the election. She tries to alert her boss, Jack Menken (Walken), but he dismisses her concerns, saying that it is too late to fix the problem. However, when the election results come in, Tom is declared the winner, and it soon becomes clear that the glitch in the system has caused him to win.

As Tom prepares to take office, he discovers that he is not prepared for the job and has no idea how to govern. He also realizes that he has been used as a pawn by the political elite, who wanted him to win because they thought he would be easy to manipulate. Tom must now navigate the treacherous waters of Washington politics while trying to maintain his integrity and hold on to the values that inspired his campaign.

One of the key themes of Man of the Year is the importance of democracy and the power of the individual. The movie highlights the flaws in the American political system, particularly the corruption and dishonesty that often accompany political campaigns. It suggests that the two-party system is broken and that there is a need for alternative voices and perspectives in American politics.

Tom's campaign represents a challenge to the status quo, as he seeks to bring a fresh perspective to the political landscape. He appeals to voters who are tired of the same old politicians and promises to bring change to Washington. His message resonates with many people, particularly young voters, who are looking for a candidate who is not beholden to special interests or corporate donors.

However, the movie also suggests that democracy is fragile and can be easily manipulated. The glitch in the electronic voting system highlights the potential for fraud and the importance of ensuring the integrity of the voting process. The film raises important questions about the role of technology in democracy and the need for transparency and accountability in the political process.

Another important theme of the movie is the power of the media and the ethics of journalism. Throughout the film, Tom is depicted as a media darling, with reporters and talk show hosts fawning over him and giving him favourable coverage. However, as the election draws closer, the media becomes more aggressive in its coverage of Tom, and he becomes the target of a smear campaign.

The movie suggests that the media has a responsibility to be fair and impartial in its coverage of political candidates. However, it also highlights the fact that the media is often driven by ratings and profit, rather than a commitment to the truth. Tom's experience with the media raises important questions about the role of the media in shaping public opinion and the need for responsible journalism that is not driven by commercial interests.

The film also explores the personal cost of political ambition. Tom's campaign takes a toll on his personal life, as he is forced to make sacrifices and deal with the pressure of running for president. His relationship with Eleanor is strained as he becomes more focused on his campaign, and he must also deal with the emotional fallout of his unexpected victory.

The movie also examines the concept of integrity and the importance of staying true to one's values in the face of temptation and adversity. Tom is depicted as a man of integrity who is not willing to compromise his values for political gain. His commitment to honesty and transparency is a refreshing contrast to the typical political candidate, who is often willing to say and do anything to win.

Overall, Man of the Year is a thought-provoking movie that raises important questions about democracy, politics, and the media. It is a well-acted and well-directed film that provides a unique perspective on American politics and the challenges facing the country. The movie's message of hope and optimism, coupled with its examination of the flaws in the political system, make it a timely and relevant film that is sure to resonate with audiences today.
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Why? Funny movie about American politics
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It sounds like this 2006 movies has more relevance now than ever.
by Gayle Beveridge-Marien (score: 4|10580) 14 days ago
What an incredible artistic talent Williams was. Definitely one of a kind. Great to see his work still being enjoyed following his passing
by Gillian Ching (score: 3|6722) 26 days ago
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