Mama's Kitchen, Yuksom

Mama's Kitchen, Yuksom


Posted 2017-11-23 by Ian Marshallfollow
From the moment you spot the modern signage on the road, there is something a bit more considered about Mama's Kitchen compared to other places in Yuksom, and indeed in most of India.

The simple cottage-style rooms here are an affordable place to sleep but the selling point is really hostess Pema and her delicious food. The recent wooden hut was built to house a modern kitchen which provides a view of food preparation akin to watching a TV chef. It's also open to guests to use so baking bread, making your own coffee in the morning and whatever else you feel like whipping up is encouraged. When it got busy one afternoon all the residents started helping out in the kitchen to make sure everyone was fed in good time.

Be prepared, it may take a while for your food to arrive. Pema is delightful at welcoming people and becoming friends with those that realise this is the nicest spot to hang out in town, but since everything is prepared fresh and she doesn't like to say no to requests you can spend time waiting. Best is to see what she is already preparing and get involved with that – you won't go far wrong with anything on the menu. Even better is if she is preparing something special (her Pizza is incredible).

You can have a small fire in the courtyard and it makes for a lovely atmosphere when a few people are telling travel stories over a Chhang (local fermented millet "beer" served in a bamboo tube and topped up with hot water) or HIT (the locally brewed "super strong" beer which would go down well in craft beer circles if the marketing made more of it's organic Sikkimese pedigree rather than how strong it is).

This is a family affair and Pema's parents and younger siblings help out but she is undoubtedly the star of the show and can help with all manner of queries you might have.

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