Make a Christmas Wreath

Make a Christmas Wreath


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How to make a Christmas Wreath

So Christmas is coming and I'm thinking Christmas decorations, something hand made. I get excited over the thought of Christmas, buying presents, digging out the tree, the tinsel and trim.

I decided to make a Christmas wreath out of nuts and pinecones gathered on my early morning walks with my dog.

I found over a period of time I had gathered some beautiful pods and seed heads and I wanted to showcase these.

Once you have gathered a reasonable number of cones, gum nuts and pods, you need to decide on what to make your base from, and how large you want your wreath to be. Options for your wreath base circle could be wire, vines, cane, straw, driftwood made into a circle, soaked oasis, cane or straw tied round with string. There is plenty of info online.

We found an old piece of 3ml thick ply wood from an old half pipe skate ramp.

We made a compass using a pencil tied to a piece of string then looped over a nail in the centre of the wood. We drew two circles one larger than the other from the centre.

Using the drill to make a starting hole on the outside circle we cut around the pencil lines using a jig saw, then the same around the inside circle. Drill a small hole at the top of your wreath for a hanging loop. I used some of the long raffia.

We sanded off the rough edges of the wreath shape. I then covered the circle shape with raffia grass (the stuff you use in baskets to nestle things in) and bound it round with long pieces of raffia, as to make a bed for the nuts to rest in.

Place your assortment of pods and cones roughly around the wreath to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Using the hot glue gun, start gluing. The glue can burn so use the gun nozzle rather than your finger to apply pressure. Fill any gaps with smaller nuts and re stick any loose cones.

I left my wreath looking natural but you could spray the whole thing white with a spray can, or add colourful baubles, glitter, gold pinecones or a big bright red bow. I've dripped house paint over seed head wreaths and used gloss lacquer. One year I made a green wreath out of greenery off a cypress tree and added a bright red bow with golden bells. This looked great hanging on the front door.

It's always satisfying making something rather than buying it and this is a fun activity to do with the kids.

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