Mai Mai Restaurant, Nusa Dua

Mai Mai Restaurant, Nusa Dua


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Try authentic, fresh, Indonesian Mi Goreng, the packet kind will never taste the same again

While holidaying in Bali, I stayed at the other end of the island in Nusa Dua. It is a beautiful part of Bali. It is very different from the more popular tourist destinations of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian with a quieter and more relaxing feel about it.

[ADVERT]Around the corner from the Novotel in Nusa Dua, is a street filled with shops, restaurants, bars, money converters and many, many, many people trying to sell you things. The street is named Jalan Pantai Mengiat and is within short walking distance from a number of hotels, Nusa Dua beach and the Bali Golf and Country Club.

While walking down the street, I was called over by a chef (with a proper tall chef's hat and checkered apron) whose job it seemed was to attract customers. He spoke enough English to tell me the specials and showed me a menu. After a few moments of deliberation, he even threw in a twenty per cent discount.

After his hard work, I agreed to eat at the restaurant. I was greeted by a number of friendly staff on my way in. It was half indoor and half outdoor. As it had just been raining, I decided to sit under the covered area.

The outdoor area was beautiful, a lovely view to enjoy dinner next to. A number of trees were lined with fairy lights which created an enjoyable and charming atmosphere.

The service was impeccable. I was seated within moments, greeted with a complimentary beverage consisting of orange juice and grenadine and garlic bread and bowed to by staff members after I had finished ordering.

The price of dishes ranged from $3.50 to $8.50 AU, the average being about $5 AU. These prices are amazing compared to the average price of a meal when eating out in Australia.

I chose the noodle dish Mi Goreng, mostly for the fact that I had always had the packet, two minute version all my life and wanted to compare it to the real thing.

My meal was delicious. It was also only $4 AU and worth every cent. In the centre of the plate was a huge serving of Mi Goreng noodles, topped with omelette strips, two chicken satay sticks and prawn chips. It was also served with two types of sauces in separate dishes, one with a sweet vinagrette and another packed with chilli for the chilli lovers.

They had a range of deserts available from fresh fruit and ice creams to Balinese desserts. Unfortunately, my dish of Mi Goreng was so well served that I didn't have the room to even think of dessert.

The twenty per cent discount given to us by our Chef acquaintance from outside completely covered the low sixteen per cent services charge (a charge on top of all restaurants in Bali, ranging from sixteen to twenty five per cent) and still allowed an extra four per cent off our already bargain priced meals.

Best of all, there was live music, a simple duo who both played guitars and sang. They were great. They even began taking song requests. They serenaded us with some Balinese music before singing Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall upon request.

On my way out, I was bowed to by the staff members I passed who continued to say thank you, on top of the thank you's and goodbye's that were shouted from the Chefs in the kitchen.

I would definitely recommend Mai Mai restaurant for anyone looking for a cheap, simple and delicious meal in a relaxing restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere. The live music is definitely a welcome bonus.

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