7 Magical Brisbane Moments

7 Magical Brisbane Moments


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Afternoon storms

Quick science lesson, courtesy of the Bureau of Meterology:

A good proportion of thunderstorms develop when warm, humid air near the ground is forced upwards due to converging surface winds and rises rapidly in an unstable atmosphere.

Thanks guys, you're the BOM .

In Queensland, storms can be formed by winds from the Dividing Range mingling with coastal winds. This takes place over the course of the day, which is why our summer storms often occur in the afternoon.

While that explains why a steamy summer day can turn suddenly cold and wet, it doesn't explain the creeping sensation of watching bloated green-grey clouds cover the sky, nor the not-quite-there feeling you get sitting inside a house, rain beating down on the roof, while a sheet of water covers everything outside your window.

Tropical sunsets

Every summer comes those few weeks where the sunset smears pink, orange and gold across the sky. Though it's been painted and photographed to the point of cliche, seeing it in person can make even the most seasoned Queenslander's breath catch in their throat.

Just add water for extra tropical magic.

Jacaranda season

For a flowering shrub not native to Australia, jacarandas have become a cherished Brisbane icon. Every September we delight in the explosion of purple that occurs almost overnight on otherwise colourless streets. But jacaranda season is more than just an aesthetics display; jacaranda season lets us know that winter is over and gorgeous spring weather is just around the corner.

Roy Chambers lists his top jacaranda season spots here .

The Mud Army

The 2010/11 Queensland floods devastated south-east Queensland. Lives were lost and houses destroyed. But when the rains stopped, a mass of volunteers took to the streets with boots and brooms to help traumatised victims with the clean up.

Ever since, the spirit of the Mud Army can be seen in the aftermath of every disaster, most recently in the plethora of bushfire fundraisers .

The silence of the bush

How strange the Australian bush must have seemed to the first settlers, so used to crowded cities and rolling green countryside. Even for those of us who grew up here, the bush still holds an otherworldly charm. One of the best things about living in Brisbane is that there's always a beautiful bush trail nearby, no matter where you live. Check out our recommendations here .

State of Origin

Melbourne has a multi-million dollar horse race that attracts high class guests from all around the world. We have... a football game.

For better or worse, State of Origin brings out a fierce tribalism in even the most ambivalent football fan. Things aren't black and white during State of Origin season - they're maroon and blue. For just over a month, relationships are strained and loyalties are tested. But the roar of the crowd when your team is winning is a pretty special thing to be a part of.

Getting a forward-facing seat on a peak hour commuter train

Sometimes, the stars align.

What makes Brisbane magical for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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