Magic on the Edge at Adelaide Fringe

Magic on the Edge at Adelaide Fringe


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Sat 25 Feb 2017 - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Join five of Adelaide's magicians around the table as they vie to dazzle with the perfect magic illusion. Which trick reels in the audience in total engagement? Which trick will take you to the edge of reality? Perhaps it is not in the complexity. Perhaps it is in the simplicity. Is pure fun the epitome of illusion?

Sitting right next to Rob Ellinger, I once watched him pull a 3 dimensional cork off the screen of his phone. It was a pretty good party trick. I'm not sure what he did with the bottle. It was a bit disappointing. A full bottle of wine freed from behind a screen would have been a better party trick.

Thinking he might have found the bottle for a Fringe Show, I grabbed some opening performance tickets for Magic on the Edge . Magic on the Edge is at The German Club , a pleasant venue that accommodates sixty. It will host another four shows, following its sell out opening performance. Salisbury Secret Garden is also home to a single Magic on the Edge performance on March the 3rd.

Don't be disillusioned, get your tickets now. These five magicians won't pull the rug out from under you but they will keep you on edge.

Rob produced a pair of wine glasses and I thought he must have perfected the instant 3D cork, with a bottle of wine, trick. It turned out that wine glasses make good card holders. Rob's cards were pretty good at appearing in unexpected places. He has a dry wit and his tongue is as quick as his hands. There was speedy banter between Rob, his fellow comedians and his deprived volunteers. (They didn't get any wine either). Blink and you will miss Rob's not-so-sultry assistant.

It is quite on the cards that you will be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Elegantly-suited Steve fit my image of the perfect magician. He was sophisticated. He produced scarves. But then there were runny eggs...

Steve Burford is a long standing member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has one of the largest collections of magic in town. He likes magic that heads in one direction and has a little twist in the end.

I might need a swivel chair to follow Steve to the edge.

Bingo Jack doesn't need an assistant. He has a way with kids and can always find a willing helper in the audience. Bingo Jack likes empowering kids to do magic. A birthday boy got a special bonus at the opening show. As Bingo Jack's newest assistant he wowed the audience with great skill making solid steel rings slide together and slip apart. How did he do that? I think I'll sit on the edge of my seat and study this youngest magician.

Bingo Jack may not be the Ringleader, but his edgy lime jacket runs rings around everyone in the room.

Sit…! Stay...! Drew Ames weaves a magical tale about his dog. Garden hoses exist for chewing, don't they? All dogs know that. Thank goodness gaffer tape fixes everything. If it weren't for gaffer tape, his dog might be in a lot more trouble. But then, why does Drew give the gaffer tape away?

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, reaching to catch a story souvenir?

No rabbits were harmed in this show, but at one point my hairs were standing on edge. Don Gagliardi is into the scary stuff. I saw a Crocodile Dundee size knife, blood dripping onto the floor and ... the palm of my hand.

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, hiding behind the head in front?
Which magician will take you over the edge? Catch a glimpse of the magicians' inner circle as they mesmerise, tantalise, out-talk and out-trick each other to prove just which is the best illusion.

Magic on the Edge is directed and stage managed by two more local magicians, Richard Milne and Kyle Germein.

If you shimmy up to the Salisbury Secret Garden you will see Richard Milne in a special appearance with the team of five. Richard's favourite sport just might be synchronised swimming. Richard can be quite synchronous. Watch for his meaningful coincidences that will leave you amazed and amused.

All photographs by JA Rossiter.

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