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While it may not be on everyone's bucket list, riding a mechanical bull was definitely on mine. It may not the "Real" thing, however, I felt a lot safer falling on soft padding than on hard dirty ground.

Finding a mechanical bull has been on my radar from some years. Of course I could phone every bar, or pub in town as I saw on T.V. It was not exactly how I imagined achieving this goal. I knew that I would come across a mechanical bull at one, or other time of my life. And of course, this time it was my time to riding a "bucking bronco!"

Getting on the "bull" was my primary concern. I had lost a little flexibility over the years. However, to my surprise, it was easier that I had imagined. There was a rope, with two knots, to hold on to. This was, apparently, all you could hold with one hand only. I was not sure how to hold it, so I chose to hold the knot closest to the end of the rope.

As soon as I took hold of the rope, the bull started to move. I almost fell off on the first "buck", and quickly thought: "surely it can't be this hard". I managed to get up to level 4 before the bull sent me soaring through the air. I landed on some soft padding – thankfully! I learnt I was only an average "cowgirl". 'Well' I thought, "rather average and have ridden than have never ridden at all!"

Riding a "bull" was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Oddly enough, I was not the only one wanting the same experience. I learnt that will set up at any event, even in your home. Now that would have been a GREAT birthday party idea. Wish I had known that earlier!

Outside of a Mechanical Bull, has a range of other fun things you can hire from a Sumo Wrestling Suit to Bouncy Castles. They literally have everything that can turn a normal party into a party that will be the talk of town.

Pricing is based on a 3 hour minimum hire rate from as little as $295.00. Bookings are done online, or you can contact them personally for more information. Now wouldn't that be 'moovelious' idea for a Christmas office party!

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