Macquaire Street Ghost Tours

Macquaire Street Ghost Tours


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One experiences many emotions when going on a Ghost Tour...the air feels eerie, a presence can be felt, your senses begin to go into overdrive and you notice a mist in the air. Then you begin to question, are you open to the concept of the unknown? Do ghosts really exist? Are they lost souls? What makes a soul linger in the afterlife instead of passing on?

Macquarie Street Ghost Tours takes you on a ninety minute journey of the rich past of Sydney as you visit some old haunts- The Slaughterhouse, The Ghost of Mrs L and Haunted Hyde Park as well as learning about Sydney's deep history.

You will visit landmarks that were filled with misery, murder, betrayal, brutality, and the callous past of Sydney. A past that certainly has not been forgotten with the erected statutes, landmark buildings and sites. And the past comes alive every Friday and Saturday night with the Macquarie Street Ghost Tours.

I armed myself with my camera and wandered through Macquarie Street where, to my surprise, I learnt that Macquarie Street is filled with a rich ferocious history. Our tour guide Jake took us into the past with a history that many of us Sydneysiders do not even know about.

Jake told us haunting stories and stories from witnesses who saw ghosts or felt their presence. As we all know, tours like this do not guarantee visits from ghosts as well as presences or sights, but the thrill of it is exciting along with learning about the past.

I am not going to deny, I am a sceptic. Well, I was, would be the appropriate word after my visit into the world of the unknown.

At the Sydney Hospital site, I felt something, like a presence near me, which I could not describe. It was a weird feeling and it led me to become quite fidgety and on edge. As I listened to the stories Jake was telling us, I felt something drawing me in. I cannot be certain if this was a paranormal spirit or simply my mind playing a ghostly game with me.

I know I might sound foolish to some people who are not believers but I am certain that what I felt was something like no other before. I did not really get a feeling or presence at the other interesting sites and landmarks we visited. But that was enough for me to believe that there is something out there. Something of the unknown, something much more than we can ever describe.

The unknown is frightening for many of us mortal souls as we do not know what is going to happen, we do know what it is, we cannot see it or feel it and the unknown can be quite daunting as well as unforgiving and on the Tour, the unknown was certainly an unforgettable experience.

Not everyone will feel these presences, experiences or witness a ghost, but the tour alone is something that is a must do, especially if you live in Sydney!

We were fascinated with the nonliving as well as intrigued by it, even though some of us did not see or feel ghosts or ghostly activities.

Jake our tour guide was friendly, professional and told us stories, at times using humour to break the intensity of the brutal past. It was interesting to visit these landmarks and sites as most of us pass them almost daily or from time to time not knowing the history that they tell, not knowing that there are souls left behind, searching for closure.

Jake was helpful to point out that Sydney is home to some of the oldest ghost stories. Stories of urban legends, stories drawn from the mysterious. And the Tour is a great way to learn more about these mystery stories.

According to Jake, the Tour is a fun way to really learn about Sydney in an entertaining way and to see the city that you thought you already knew about. And he was spot on!

There is a bit of something for all interests from architecture, history to ghostly activities. It is definitely a tour worth doing- whether you believe in ghosts or not, or are even a skeptic.

The meeting place for the tour is in front of The State Library- near the Matthew Flinders Statue, Macquarie Street (Hunter Street "T" intersection), Sydney. Click here for location.

Bookings are essential- see website for all information.

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