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Posted 2022-11-15 by Karina Bryerfollow

Sat 12 Nov 2022 - Sun 27 Nov 2022

"Fair is foul and foul is fair". There wouldn't be many who haven't heard this quote, or the famous "Double, double toil and trouble". There are many Shakespearean quotes that have found their way, through the ages, into common language and many of these come from Macbeth. Now is the opportunity for you to hear these and other famous quotes in context, with a new production of Macbeth from Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble.

Discover for yourself, the psychological thriller and murderous rise to power that forms the plot of this, one of Shakespeare's most famous works. Macbeth, travelling home from a bloody battle, encounters three witches, who predict that the Scottish general will be King of Scotland. Emboldened by the prophecy, Macbeth and his wife set about creating a pathway to ensure his rise to power. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth kills the current king, becomes the new king, and then murders more people in an effort to retain his power. Eventually, civil war erupts to overthrow the usurper, resulting in, you guessed it, more deaths!

It's a pretty grim plot, but one that explores whether or not the initial machinations of the witches set the events in motion, or whether it was all pre-determined. In this production, Macbeth is played by QSE's Artistic Director Rob Pensalfini who does a smashing job of portraying Macbeth's inner turmoil. He is joined by long-time Core Ensemble member Rebecca Murphy playing the scheming and power hungry Lady Macbeth, who eventually gets her own dose of the guilts. The remainder of the cast is made up of regular members of the QSE ensemble, along with some new faces. The production is directed by Angela Witcher, who does an excellent job of creating an atmosphere in the pop-up space.

Presented in the intimate Fringe Brisbane Hub Venue in South Brisbane, this will be a performance to remember. Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is known for being able to engage its audiences and bring to life Shakespeare's magnificent works in a format easily understood by audience members. Forget the dreary, compulsory study of Shakespeare from high school which didn't make a lot of sense. Getting up close and personal with the actors in this production leaves no doubt in your mind as to what is going on.

The Macbeth season runs from Saturday November 12 to Sunday 27, and includes a relaxed performance, suitable for people with autism or individuals with sensory sensitivity. Parents and caregivers may also find the inclusive atmosphere relaxing with audience members free to move, speak, and respond throughout the performance. You can find out more about this and regular performances on the QSE Website .

Ticket prices are $36 for adults and $28 for concessions. Group booking prices and school booking prices are also available. You can book tickets by visiting QSE's Ticketing Website . One word of warning, being a pop-up event, the chairs are hired and not the most comfortable. You may like to take a cushion!

Don't miss this opportunity to see a Shakespearean classic, as for the first time in 21 years, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble presents the powerfully dramatic, Macbeth.

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