Macbeth - Bell Shakespeare

Macbeth - Bell Shakespeare


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Sun 25 Feb 2024 - Tue 14 May 2024

Bell Shakespeare is Australia’s national theatre company that specialises in bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life for a modern audience. John Bell’s company, which began in 1990 and turns 34 this year, delivers fantastic mainstage productions of Shakespeare along with educational and outreach programs across Australia to make a classical theatre experience available to all.

Ensuring Shakespeare’s work still lives and breathes in theatres, schools, and communities in Australia helps Bell Shakespeare give an appreciation to Shakespeare’s words that have been part of society for over four hundred years. Using the ideas, language and imagery, Bell Shakespeare takes beloved plays like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth and use them to tell a timeless story by combining modern perspectives with the words of the Bard. They use the plays to question the present through a universal lens, ensuring the plays are not presented in a static way to connect with a diverse audience.

One of Bell Shakespeare’s latest productions is of Macbeth , which the website says is Shakespeare’s most haunting thriller – the story of a Scottish general who is famous for his battlefield exploits. Macbeth and Banquo have finished a bloody battle, and after they leave, they meet three Weird Sisters (the witches in the original play). And these sisters share a prophecy that Macbeth will become king, and Macbeth is unable to get this out of his head, and he tells his wife – Lady Macbeth. And as the story goes, the thought drives them to seek power, posterity and uncertainty – the thirst for hunger is insatiable. They commit a tragic murder that disturbs them and inevitably, plays with their sanity as they have blood on their hands and are set to face what they have done.

According to the website, this version of the play examines moral collapse and how humans respond to it. The diverse cast in this portrayal directed by Peter Evans is led by Logie-award winning Hazem Shammas as Macbeth, and Jessica Tovey as Lady Macbeth who will take you on an intensely compelling journey into the darkness of humanity. The play runs for two hours and twenty minutes and is aimed at ages 14 and up. Whilst the school program is sold out in Sydney, Bell Shakespeare advises that any students attending should be familiar with the plot of the play and discuss content prior to attending.

Keep an eye on the website for updates and changes.

Season package ticket prices
Adult Premium: $88
Adult A-reserve: $70
Concession Premium: $72
Concession A-reserve: $60
Under 18/Under 35* Premium: $45
Under 18/Under35* A-reserve: $35
Single ticket prices
Adult Premium: $110
Adult A-reserve: $88
Concession Premium: $90
Concession A-reserve: $75
Under 18/Under 35* Premium: $48
Under 18/Under35* A-reserve: $45
Previews: $45
  • Under 35s prices are available for Sunday – Wednesday performances only. Under 18 prices are available for all performances.

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