Ma'anshan Friendship Park

Ma'anshan Friendship Park


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The King's Gem
%%Ask me what reason stay green mountain
Smile but not answer heart self idle
Peach blossom flow water far go
Apart have heaven earth in human world
You ask for what reason I stay on the green mountain,
I smile, but do not answer, my heart is at leisure.
Peach blossom is carried far off by flowing water,
Apart, I have heaven and earth in the human world.
Li Bai - Question and Answer on the Mountain%%
A peaceful, sleepy, beautifully designed contemporary garden is awaiting our arrival. This is a place where you can let your thoughts wander without disturbance. You can bring your family for a picnic, play chess, relax, and use the open-air exercise facilities at no cost but time, which tends to drift away once you have entered this serene imaginarium.

Name: [English]

Location: King Street, Blakehurst, South Hurstville, NSW.

Best Hours: 8:00 to 12:00 (provided it's around 21 degrees Celsius)

Personal Opinion: I think it's a great place to come and visit. You can wind down and chill with people you like, or rest your head. I prefer slightly cloudy days to visit, just in case it gets a bit hot during spring/summer.

Great opportunity to come and train, with the many poles, bars, steps and ledges you can find here - you might be wondering what other people think of this open park. I asked Ash – a very polite young athlete – what he thought of his first experience working out at the park:

"I'm doing this instead of a gym, because it's free." "It's outdoors ... you've got more fresh air."

I: "Are you enjoying it?"

Ash: "I'm out of breath, but yes."

So from that quick interview, and from looking at the equipment myself, I can now be assured that people are happy to use this equipment as a form of training, and it is safe.

And if you're a fan of board games - why not try out chess? Just bring along some chess pieces and enjoy a classic strategy game, whilst having some lunch.

Historical Facts about
The park was dedicated to Li Bai, or, "Immortal Poet". His work is renowned for its untamed passion, extravagant imagery and fascinating imaginations combined with vivid narration and plain language.

This park is decorated with his great work.

Ma'anshan is located in Eastern China, along the south bank of the Yangtze river.

Li Bai is said to have drowned at Ma'anshan after attempting to embrace a reflection of the moon.

This park celebrates the friendship city relationship of the Kogarah City Council and the Ma'anshan Municipal Government.

It was officially opened on the 26th of September, 2009.

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