Luxury Escapes Chadstone

Luxury Escapes Chadstone


Posted 2023-12-15 by Nadine Cresswell-Myattfollow

It was to be a pop-up shop in Chadstone when it started last year but having a brick-and-mortar Luxury Escapes shop has proved so popular it's still there.

Most people know Luxury Escapes as once you sign up online they are forever in your inbox. But you don't quite ever delete them because the deals are so good you think "One day I'll do that." And I admit I've succumbed once or twice.

The hotels tend to be upmarket but the deals are relatively affordable. Occasionally it's a new hotel opening up and they offer deals to get the word out.

Luxury Escapes has always been online. But the retail shop is full of travel agents so you can go in and ask questions and get answers on the deals you have been seeing online. And there's nothing better than talking to someone face-to-face about travel plans.

As you would expect from a business calling themselves Luxury Escapes these premises are state-of-the-art with stunning visual displays and interactive customer activations. They can offer barista-made coffee and French champagne and they have a six-star bar and VIP events space but nobody offered me a drink when I went in today to take a few photos for this story. So, I'm guessing this is more for when they run events.

There were quite a few travel agents on hand, without customers so I am guessing this is a good time to go in and discuss your next year's travelling wishes. Rather than simply booking online quite blindly this way you will receive advice, guidance and curated recommendations from the staff.

And usually, travel agents have been to many of these places so that makes for more solid information than what you can find online.

As well as those annoying emails you can't quite delete the Luxury Escapes site and brand offer hotels, villas, flights, luxury tours, cruises and experiences. It's not just what you get in those emails.

Their products can be purchased in-store or online at a later time. You should probably be looking at getting human help in-store and then going home and booking through Cashrewards or Shopback as when you go through these sites you get a percentage of the purchase back in your bank. That's my tip.

Although at the moment it's worth checking out what's happening in the store. From 13 December – 24 December, get all your holiday gifts and take advantage of exclusive in-store gift cards with your purchase*. In the lead-up to Christmas, they are offering a $100 gift card when you spend $1,000, a $300 gift card when you spend $3,000, and a $500 gift card when you spend $5,000 on Limited Time LUX Exclusive offers only. When: Wednesday 13 December to Sunday 24 December.

And I was told there will be some great deals in January that will be worth checking out as well. And that is the time we will all be more interested in holidays. Although buying someone a luxury weekend away as a Christmas present isn't a bad idea.

Opening hours for the Luxury Escapes Chadstone store are:

Monday - Wednesday (9am-5pm)
Thursday - Friday (9am-7pm)
Saturday (9am-5pm)
Sunday (10 am-6pm)

Where: Lower Ground near David Jones at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Click here for more details.


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