L'Uccellino Italian Restaurant

L'Uccellino Italian Restaurant


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If it wasn't so darn cold out during Melbourne's winter, I'd advise L'uccellino's proprietors to keep their door open; one sniff of the pizza dough cooking as I wandered in from Ballarat St in Yarraville and I was immediately salivating. With a traditional Italian theme running through it, my recent evening there only lacked a mafia hit to make it a truly authentic Italian dining experience.

L'uccellino means "The Bird" which is interesting because there is no sign of any bird meat on their pizzas. Given the name sounds Italian and can be said while performing a poor impersonation of that nation's accent, it does achieve its main purpose.

Taking a seat at our table, adorned with simple glass tumblers that are used in a very Italian way for whatever wine you're drinking we viewed a delightfully weathered looking menu that celebrates pizza and practically nothing but. Continuing the traditional theme, L'uccellino use a minimum of ingredients to top its pizzas however the produce used is of exquisite quality.

The menu states that olives on L'uccellino's pizzas are not pitted. This is probably to avoid the uninitiated complaining but it also shows that the restaurant will not compromise on the quality of its ingredients. The flavour of an un-pitted olives is undoubtedly vastly superior to its sullied alternative.

The prawns on our Gamberi Picante were perfectly cooked with the balance of the fresh basil, sweet semi-dried tomatoes and sharp chillies - an absolute sensation.

Meanwhile the anchovies and olives scattered on the Puttanesca were to die for. With the delicious fior di latte at the base of both pizzas rather than on top, we were able to enjoy those sparkling ingredients without some sub-par oily mozzarella burning our chins or staining the front of our clothing. Other pizza places could learn a lesson here!

The real champion of the pizza at L'uccellino is the pizza base. At once crispy at the bottom and deliciously doughy, the L'uccellino pizza does not need to be overloaded with topping. I honestly think I could eat the base by itself – it was seriously that good. With a twelve-inch diameter, a L'uccellino pizza can be daunting when placed in front of the diner, however one taste and there was no doubt that I would be devouring every last morsel.

As Dave Barry hath stated "Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza". Being pleased to find two Italian beers on the menu, that weren't Nastro Azzurro, I accompanied my artisan pizza pie with a Birra Moretti: a lovely lager beer whose caption of 'The Beer in Italy' belied its Yarraville location.

With full stomachs and sighs of contentment, and unwilling for the L'uccellino experience to end, we perused the dessert section of the menu. With six dessert pizzas to choose from we elected to share the Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Pizza Dolce; and my goodness thank providence that we did.

The rich chocolate and sweet strawberries combined with the sugar flecked pizza to cap off a perfect dinner. Shared between two, and with 718 square centimetres of pizza already inserted, there was more than enough. Washing this down with a wee snifter of port, I was ready to go and enjoy a movie at the Sun Theatre up the road sans popcorn (and most likely sans breakfast the next morning).

L'uccellino serve a traditionally prepared Italian pizza that I would claim is the best pizza in Melbourne. Pleasingly they also do takeaway and make a mean cappuccino. All I can say is get in there and order a pizza. Anyone coming to share a meal with me from now on will most likely be doing it at this venue.

Absolute 10/10! Bravisimo L'uccellino!

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