Lovers Walk - Connecting Sandgate and Shorncliffe

Lovers Walk - Connecting Sandgate and Shorncliffe


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Dog walkers love it. Cyclists and joggers love it too. Singles, couples and families love walking along it. If you are looking to feel the love this Valentine's Day, a scenic stroll along Lovers Walk at Shorncliffe is sure to bring some joy into your day.

This scenic 2-2.5km walk cuddles the picture perfect Shorncliffe foreshore combining a mix of mountains and the seas and travels from the Pier of the same name to the former Sandgate Baptist Church.

How did Lovers Walk get its name?
The path was originally called Dovers Walk after a Sandgate Town Council Engineer. In 1910s, an English company produced postcards featuring scenes in Brisbane and the path was included.

Legend has it that the young man producing the cards had a sense of humour and covered up part of the D in Dover and made it into an L. The cards were printed and sent to Australia as Lovers Walk. The name, which started as a joke soon stuck and today the path continues to be known as Lovers Walk.

Pooch and I checked out the walk (along with several other dog walkers) on a clear February morning and here is what we found.

We arrived after a short drive along the scenic Eagle Terrace and drove down the steep sloping drive. This meant that we could begin our adventure via Moora Park and the Shorncliffe Pier, which was upgraded in 2016. Parking was easy with a dedicated parking lot.

Lovers Walk is a fairly gentle path with some natural twists but no hills. Being fully paved and lined with white wooden railings, it is very safe, The view of the water stretches over the Hornibrook Highway to the seaside suburb of Redcliffe. We didn't see any boats, so it's just uninterrupted water views.

On the return trip, we watched a line of planes making their descent into Brisbane airport and local fishermen wishfully throwing in a fishing line off the pier. Playful dogs passed us as did cyclists, joggers, and mums with prams The walk took us about 30 minutes to complete and a rest on the small beach was the perfect end.

Public Amenities
If you decide to take the walk, there are plenty of public amenities along the way to make it easy to embrace and also stay that little bit longer. Well-maintained barbeques and covered shelters provide a place to eat and rest alongside the path and water coolers (with doggy bowls), and toilets provide for added comfort. A children's playground at the end of the pier can wear off any leftover energy of the kids.

Public Art installations
Oh, and don't forget to look out for the interesting public art installations which line the walk. Sandgate is renowned for its thriving artistic and cultural community with many local artists and theatre groups, so it makes sense to reflect the sense of what the community is about.

While all of these man-made benefits are nice, of course, it's the water view which is the star of the walk with crystal blue waters providing the ultimate background for love and maybe a touch of romance.

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