Love TV in NYC - Summer 2012

Love TV in NYC - Summer 2012


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Sat 28 Jul 2012 - Tue 28 Aug 2012

Where is the Love? It's a question no doubt frequently asked in New York City, where a population density of nearly 30 000 people per square mile can make getting along a serious challenge. This summer, though, the efforts of Big Apple residents to live together in harmony will be supported by one of the oldest and most experienced names in the Love business: the Goddess Aphrodite herself. Realising that "if She can make it there, She can make it anywhere", the great Goddess intends to bring Her awesome powers directly to the streets through a new, hi-tech interactive project known as LOVE TV . With the kind assistance of the New York Department of Transportation, over the course of a month-long series of appearances Aphrodite will bless all five boroughs and some of New York's funkiest summer arts and music festivals with Her gracious presence. The medium is definitely 21st-century, but in the same generous spirit for which She has been adored throughout the centuries, Aphrodite invites all of humanity--yes, that means you too--to join Her in sharing the love.

These glad tidings will no doubt be welcomed by New Yorkers who have always sought an encounter with the Goddess of Love, but who have found the traditional methods—libations of wine, animal sacrifice, repetitive chanting, and the burning of aromatic herbs—to be somewhat incompatible with modern life in one of the world's great metropolises. Wine and aromatic herbs are costly, animal sacrifices cast a serious shadow over one's environmentally-friendly credentials; and who among us hasn't struggled unsuccessfully to shoe-horn an Orphic Hymn into the half-hour between dinner and the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

Fortunately, mighty Aphrodite has never been one to sit idly in Olympus waiting for the adoration to waft upwards. Concerned at plummeting popularity ratings, and full of compassion for love-starved communities everywhere, the great Goddess therefore chose the early years of the new millennium to hit the reincarnation trail. Given her well-noted penchant for spontaneously manifesting from the surf, Australia with its 10 000 beaches was a natural choice of location for re-entry to the mortal realm. Yet while her arrival back on Earth may have been accompanied by such familiar Aphrodite trademarks as mysterious oceanic origins, long hair and eye-popping outfit, the Love Goddess who washed up on Sydney's Bondi Beach just over a decade ago had plainly heeded the admonitions of Her media advisers.

Aphrodite on Aphrodite

Sporting a portable plastic clam-shell and a hip, tech-savvy outlook, She immediately set about her two-fold mission: to reassure some six billion fans of her continued existence, and to institute new modes of worship accessible to the pop-culture-addicted, globally-networked Web 2.0 generation. Taking on the human identity of one Rebecca McIntosh for the sake of acquiring a driver's licence, passport and mobile-phone contract, Aphrodite ventured into the suffering mortal world with a warm smile, a keen eye for innovation in the fields of installation art and citizen journalism, and a simple question: Are you in love at the moment? Unsurprisingly—she is the Goddess of Love, after all—people from all walks of life were soon flocking towards Her, eager to pour out their stories and their hearts within the cosy confines of Her magic clam-shell.

Aphrodite interviews Rutger Hauer

Some ten years, dozens of prestigious arts events and several trips across the planet later, Aphrodite's mission to spread love and laughter among humankind continues from strength to strength in its current manifestation as the interactive live-art project known as LOVE TV . From within Her Big Hot Pink TV - a mobile theatre which can and does install itself just about anywhere - Aphrodite conducts intimate interviews with celebrities, peer-nominated community members, spectators and random passers-by on the universal and ever-fascinating subject of (you guessed it) L-O-V-E. A live video-feed from within the Big Hot Pink TV then broadcasts these intriguing, touching, and often hilarious interviews onto a giant screen for all present to watch and enjoy, while mysterious co-hosts known as Aphrodite's Love-Wranglers facilitate audience participation in a variety of ways. In this deliciously voyeuristic setting, identities are explored, the cultural diversity and singular strengths of communities are celebrated, and Aphrodite's message of Love is shared in spontaneous and truly original ways.

The idea of climbing inside a giant, hot-pink TV and answering questions about love in front of a crowd of strangers may not appeal to everybody, but fortunately this isn't the only way to share the love when Aphrodite makes her appearance on a street near you this summer. Simply by clicking HERE , you can now nominate the New York celebrity, community figure or local hero you'd most like to see in an intimate encounter with the Goddess. Alternatively, if you feel passionate that what the world needs now is love sweet love, you can click HERE and find out more about assisting Aphrodite in her travels by making a contribution to her Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

Or you can simply get the calendar out and mark any or all of Aphrodite's Big Apple appearances :

28 July – Tama Summer Fest , Brooklyn

3, 4 August – Jamaica Arts & Music Festival , Queens

4, 11, 18 August – Summer Streets - Park Ave, Manhattan

5, 12, 19 August – Astoria Park Shorefest , Queens

8, 9, 10 August – Flatiron Public Plazas - Madison Square

16, 17 August – Fordham Rd , The Bronx (TBC)

22, 23 August – [LINK=]Staten Island - St. George Ferry Terminal
24 August – Brighton Beach and Coney Island Boulevard , Brooklyn

25, 26 August – Fourth Arts Block NYC Fringe – 2nd Ave & the Bowery, Manhattan

Where is the Love? For at least one long and glorious month this summer, She can be found on the sizzling streets of New York City.

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