Love in Contact - TV Series Review

Love in Contact - TV Series Review


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Choi Sang Eun (played by Park Min Young) has very interesting job. She helps people by offering service to be their legal wife but only for an agreed period. She then will get a divorce from her client. She has clients with different backgrounds, from a man who fulfilled his dying mum's wish to see him get married, to a man who tried to hide the reality that he actually wasn't attracted to any woman, to a man who just tried to get her ex jealous.

But after 13 years of doing this job, sometimes she gets caught. Staff at a big wedding venue recognised her as a bride with different men. She also ran into a family member of her husband and all these tricky situations led her to decide to quit this job. She decides not to get new clients and will divorce all her husbands except one husband, Jung Ji Ho (played by Go Kyung Pyo), who has been her husband for 5 years. Although she has been with Jung Ji Ho as her contract husband for 5 years, she doesn't know much about him. All they have done for the past 5 years is meet at his place for dinner every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During those dinner times, they didn’t talk much, not only because as per the contract, she wouldn’t ask for details of her husbands but also because he is a socially awkward kind of person.

Didn't Choi Sang Eun know that Jung Ji Ho was the judge for her divorce? Choi Sang Eun had been in Jung Ji Ho courtroom 6 times in 2 years before he approached her for her services. Jung Ji Ho was curious about Choi Sang Eun and then decided to follow her and find out about her business. That’s how he met her and decided to marry Choi Sang Eun.

Both Choi Sang Eun and Jung Ji Ho had a sad and traumatic childhood that shaped them into what they are now. Choi Sang Eun was found at the orphanage by Madame Yoo. Madame Yoo raised her in order to prepare her to get married to a chaebol (rich family) for her own advantage. Choi Sang Eun gave her best, to be smart, well well-accepted in society so that Madame Yoo would be happy for her. For Choi Sang Eun, Madame Yoo is a figure of her own mother When the time arrived to meet her future husband who had been set up by Madame Yoo, Choi Sang Eun was treated badly and was looked down upon by this rich family. She then decided to decline the marriage and this made Madame Yoo furious. Not believing in love, Choi Sang Eun chooses to give fake love to men and that’s how she begins her successful business, Love in Contract.

Jung Ji Ho was raised by his aunt after his father died while working on his sailboat and his mum ran away with another man. His aunt has 3 children, and is already in a difficult economic situation even before taking Ji Ho as their additional family member. Jung Ji Ho knew that he needed to hold in everything, even when he was treated unfairly by her aunty husband and children. He could not ask or say anything to his aunty and her family as he was already a burden to them. Growing up, Jung Ji Ho became a very quiet man, didn't like to talk or mingle with anyone else and could not express his feelings.

One day, when Choi Sang Eun visited Ji Ho for their dinner night, she met Kang Hae-jin (played by Kim Jae-young) who lives on the top floor of the same building where Ji Ho live. Kang Hae-jin is a chaebol family's youngest son and a hallyu star (a famous actor). Kang Hae-jin found out about Choi Sang Eun's business and wants to be her new client with a contract for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Kang Hae-jin's family force him to get married soon and he just wants to get a quick way out by marrying Choi Sang Eun for a short period.

Later on, Kang Hae-jin found out that Choi Sang Eun was the girl that chosen by her family to marry his oldest brother but then the contract marriage was ended by Choi Sang Eun. Knowing Choi Sang Eun now becomes Kang Hae-jin’s wife for 3 days a week, it make Ji Ho jealous. Things become more complicated when Choi Sang Eun finds out that Madame Yoo is her real mother who wants her daughter to have a good life by marrying a chaebol family.

Love in Contract shows you a beautiful inspiring relationship and both Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo have portrayed their roles excellently. You can watch other Korean dramas with contract marriage background, such as Perfect Marriage Revenge , or Chinese drama Time to Fall in Love , and She and Her Perfect Husband , but Love in Contract is somewhat a different plot and definitely worth watching till the end.



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