Michelle McCowage & Jane Schon - Love Don't Cost A King - MICF Festival 2022 Review

Michelle McCowage & Jane Schon - Love Don't Cost A King - MICF Festival 2022 Review


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Mon 18 Apr 2022 - Sun 24 Apr 2022

Tennessee country and western singer DK is good - just ask him! He's got tickets on himself, and can't quite understand why he hasn't met the woman of his dreams. His manager, Glenda, has feelings for him, but he doesn't see it. What will happen on his first tour to Australia? Will he meet his dream woman at a celebrity party? Will he finally see Glenda for the woman she is? These and many more questions will be answered if you see Love Don't Cost a King in MICF 2022 .

Love Don't Cost a King is the brainchild of Michelle McCowage and Jane Schon. The show contains original songs, written by Michelle, and a witty script co-written by the two. Michelle performs the role of DK, while Glenda is performed by Jane.

Love Don't Cost a King loosely tells the story of DK and his path towards achieving success on stage and in love. The show starts at a fairly sedate pace but hits another gear when DK undergoes a transformation with the help of his dance coach Stavros (Alexandros Pettas) and voice coach Ilse (Katie Rowe).

DK's transformation is further enhanced following the appearance of the somewhat spooky 'Keith Urbane', who grants DK three wishes. It is a measure of DK's ego that his first wish is not success as a musician, or playing to full houses, but, well, a body enhancement, which is granted.

Things don't all go DK's way though, as we head down the bumpy path to a surprising ending.

Love Don't Cost a King is an entertaining show. Sometimes it felt like a cross between a soap opera and a Gilbert and Sullivan musical. It's cheesy and cheeky and cheerful. Well, except the ending, which was perhaps more operatic than G&S.

But it all somehow ended on a high note, to strong applause.

The show is musically strong, and I liked its energy and vibrance. If you feel like a comedic escape from reality, this may be the show for you!

Love Don't Cost a King plays at The Butterfly Club , 5 Carson Place, Melbourne at 7pm each night until Sunday 24th April.

Tickets are $28 - $35. You can buy tickets online here . Tickets also available at the door.

The show is suitable for audience age 16 plus. It contains death and grief, drug references, occasional coarse language, references to or simulation of violence, references to substance abuse, strong sexual references.

The running time is 50 minutes.

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