Lost World Lookout Trail, Springwood

Lost World Lookout Trail, Springwood


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If there is one thing Mr Man is good at, it is finding rewarding off the beaten track hikes. This week it was the turn of the less frequented Lost World Lookout Trail which requires reasonable navigational skills. Please note all the lockouts on this trail are unfenced.

The 5.4km return track starts in Springwood. From Batman's Park at the end of Farm Road, follow the sign to Martin's Lookout down a tarmacked road. After a 1.1km drive, there will be a sign that you are about to enter the Blue Mountains National Park and the start of an ungraded road. We parked here, there is enough room for a couple of cars.

Top Tip: Unless you are driving a 4x4, I would recommend that you walk the 800m along the ungraded road. There were people who drove to the ~6 space car park at the end of the track, however, they would have encountered several large potholes that could cause serious damage to your car. Be kind to your chassis and start your walk early.

The track starts at Martin's Lookout which has views across the Glenbrook Creek Valley. If you look at the cliffs opposite, you may just be able to make out a white cross. This marks the Lost World Lookout, the destination of the hike which requires a 250m walk down into the valley.

The decent starts to the left of Martin's Lookout. You can't really go wrong as there is only a single track heading down. The track is rocky and can be slippery so make sure you are wearing your 4x4 shoes. Follow the sign down to the creek. At the creek, walk 30m to the left where you should find a small cairn (formation of stones) indicating the creek crossing.

Once on the other side, the track temporarily disappears due to blown over trees. Keep your eyes peeled for cairns to help navigate back to the path. When the path emerges follow it along the creek to the left, do not walk up just yet. After 50m the track splits into two, now take the path heading up rather than continuing along the creek. Some helpful person(s) had put up a hiker-proof-fence to help indicate that up is the way to go.

At a grouping of large rocks, follow the track to the left and walk under an overhanging rock, before navigating your way over and around the boulders.

When you reach the top of the cliff, veer slightly to the left and follow the path for 20m until you come to a clearing. Follow the track to the right for the Lost World Lookout, however before you do so take a short detour to Bunyan Lookout on the left.

Continue along the track to the Lost World Lookout, a small sign will indicate that you haven't got far to go.

At the lookout, see if you can spot Martin's Lookout on the other side of the valley. Depending on the visibility you might be able to see the city to your right, now would be a good opportunity to use those cupboard-ridden binoculars.

The prominent white cross is a memorial to Reverend Raymer, a bushwalker who drowned whilst attempting to save a pupil in Wollongong in 1953.

After you have soaked up the view, it's time to head back the way you came - down into the valley.

We started this walk around 9am and it was only on our return that we saw another person, until then we could have been in another world.

Total Duration: 3 hours
Total Steps: 12,198

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