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Posted 2012-12-11 by Wendy Tfollow
I had the best flight - almost ever.

Somehow we ended up booking premium economy, so it wasn't first cass but wow it sure felt like it flying with Air New Zealand in Seat 25A.

The staff were just so nice, helpful and had the best sense of humour for an eleven hour flight - that's saying a lot. And before takeoff we viewed what must be the world's best inflight safety video, in fact it's so good, it deserves an Oscar .

Imagine your Inflight Supervisor attendant looking like Elf Queen Galadriel and the passengers on the inflight video looking like hobbits and a white pony showing you where the floor safety lighting is, then I am sure like me, you'll watch every minute of the safety briefing closely; especially the part with the wind blowing through the hair of the most handsome guy you've seen all year - but how can that be wind inflight? Oh yes, it's a hairdryer! With visual gags galore, including Peter Jackson in an invisible cloak, I give this movie, 5 stars.

Then check out all the extras to make your Air New Zealand flight really comfortable; the most stylish water bottle called Waiwera and it's 500ml, which mightn't sound so important but having cleared through security, I was definitely not looking forward to clearing security in the USA 6 times on the 6 internal flights ahead, so a bottle of water takes on some importance.
And this next extra included with our seat took us by surprise, particularly as I never had a squishy foot cushion inflight before. And guess what, it was really very comfortable, even the guy 6'4" in the aisle over said so. The snow white pillow and blanket were almost like something your grandmother had on the bed when you slept at her house as a child.

Lastly can I recommend the smoked salmon carpaccio with New Zealand karengo seaweed and fennel salad to begin and after, for the main, herbed chicken on butternut squash and parmesan risotto, courgette and green pea medley. Definitely melt in the mouth and well and truly restaurant standard. How do they do it!

To top it off their sleep mask was excellent, especially as it continues the humorous theme, with "when do we get there" embroidered on top. All I can say, is if you're flying to Los Angeles any weekend, really enjoy your trip and go via the Middle Kingdom with Air New Zealand.

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