Longitude, Latitude, Solitude by Andy Vukosav

Longitude, Latitude, Solitude by Andy Vukosav


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Sat 30 Mar 2019 - Sun 07 Apr 2019

Andrew Vukosav is an award winning commercial fashion photographer who has worked for clients such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Singapore Airlines, Coca Cola and McDonald's to name a few. When he's not shooting, he sails his catamaran, but it's his third greatest love, a Cessna 182 affectionately known as Valerie that has led him to his latest flight into the art world. A body of work entitled Longitude Latitude Solitude . It's been called a God's eye study of our vast and diverse Australian landscape.

Strapping a camera to the underbelly of the plane, as you do, he relayed a live feed to an iPad in the cockpit. While piloting his light plane across the country - alone, Vukosav has had a visual dance with our diverse landscape. When he spots something he wants to capture, he has to manoeuvre the plane precisely; in order to frame the shot, essentially making the plane the camera as it weaves into position, to capture the landscape with a remote shutter-release switch.

Andrew is now engaging with an entirely new audience in the art world. HIs photography exhibition is not to be missed. It's a beautiful dance between the coordinates of a complex landscape and a very subjective experience for each individual who beholds it. The solo exhibition is coming to an end soon on 7 April 2019.

Proudly hosted by Magnum Queens Wine , 274-278 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, this is a FREE exhibition that'll take you on a journey 6000 feet above the Australian landscape without leaving the tarmac. Not something you'll experience everyday!

M Q Wines is open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm Mon-Wed & Sat, and till 8pm on Thu & Fri, and till 6pm on a Sunday. Why not tie in your viewing of this magnificent exhibition with, and take advantage of the Queens Tasting Table on a Saturday from 12pm to 2pm with some of the top winemakers, spirit producers and other interesting boozy beverages from Australia and around the world.

The sensory journey of this new exhibition gives new meaning to the word wine flight. The myriad of work on display will offer you a glimpse of secluded places, vast and empty of animal or human activity. Seen from a private vantage, it definitely overturns any tourist cliché. Vukosav has brought his passions of flying and photography together to give you a rare insight to intimate moments of the artists' solitude, while traversing our vast and intensely beautiful country in a single engine aircraft. With no physical way of looking through a traditional viewfinder, and in addition to the fact that the camera cannot move relative to the plane, this makes it a mammoth task, beautifully presented; successfully taking flight.

What emotion will it evoke in you? There are long shadows from trees from the evening sun. There's a painterly feel that could well be inspired by Indigenous art in the way it captures a stylised landscape from up above. Covering some 46,000kms over 185 hours in the air to gather these images in his former drug enforcement plane used to patrol the US/Mexico border, enjoy the views of our vast landscape from above, and let life's stress melt away.

If you'd like to arrange a special private viewing of this extraordinary exhibition, you can contact Andrew Vukosav via his website, or you could call him. Find details HERE .

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