Top 5 Lolly Shops in Melbourne

Top 5 Lolly Shops in Melbourne


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There's something about an old-fashioned lolly shop that brings a wave of nostalgia to all who enter - even if we're about a century too young to have ever enjoyed an old fashioned sweet shop.

Some of Melbourne's premier lolly shops certainly bank on this misplaced nostalgia with their vintage memorabilia and archaic spelling of their names. Others are fiercely modern and unique in how they display their confectionery, and others still just sell some tasty treats that need no embellishment.

[SECTION]The Original Lolly Store[/SECTION]
Perhaps Melbourne's best-known confectionery, The Original Lolly Store is famed for its internationally sourced candy and old-fashioned boiled lollies. The red and white striped theme and vintage inspired logo suggest that you will travel back in time to an era where you would purchase lollies by the penny, but there is much relatively modern confectionery to be found. Whether you're looking for some traditionally made fudge, English fruit lollies or a can of American favourite Doctor Pepper, you'll find it in this overwhelmingly sweet shop.

Find The Original Lolly Store in Carlton , Moonee Ponds and Melbourne Central .

Another one of those lolly shops in which the confectionery on offer looks as good as it tastes, The Candy Room is a delight for children and adults alike. Almost like a cartoon world, the store's fittings are very minimalist, allowing their lollies to look even more striking. They stock plenty of novelties such as oversized lollies, all beautifully wrapped for perfect gift presentation. Most impressive of all is the display of M&Ms, which are seperated into dispensers by colour.

There is only one outlet for The Candy Room, on the corner of Queen St and Bourke St in the city.

Happy Lab is worlds apart from the lolly shops of the good old days, with their laboratory themed shops. Brightly coloured candy held in beakers and test tubes lines the blindingly white shelves. However their lollies are kept chemical-free, with natural colours and flavours used in their adorable treats.

Currently there are Happy Lab stores in Chadstone, Highpoint and Doncaster shopping centres, although it won't be long before more pop up.

[SECTION]The Biggest Lollie Shop in the World[/SECTION]
The Biggest Lollie Shop in the World is a never-ending emporium of candy and chocolate. They have a phenomenal selection of lollies of all colours and flavours at quite reasonable pricing, with a kilogram bag of lollies typically costing $4.95 for their home brand. As for chocolate, you can purchase treats such as lolly bananas, lolly raspberries and ginger; all coated in milk chocolate.

They double as a party shop, stocking goodies such as piƱatas, helium balloons and licensed merchandise for kids' parties.

The Biggest Lollie Shop in the World is located in the northern outer suburb of Westmeadows. If you love your lollies, it's certainly worth the distance.

[SECTION]Lollie Lovers[/SECTION]
Located in the strip of charmingly vintage shops on the fringe of the Queen Victoria market, Lollie Lovers is the place to go for old-fashioned boiled lollies. Presented in jars, their treats make great gifts, if you don't accidentally eat them yourself. Lollie Lovers is quite a small store, but they manage to pack in all manner of humbugs and bullseyes in eye-popping colours. Their sweets are on the expensive side, but you might chance upon a special.

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