Loani Prior Author Talk, Ashgrove Library

Loani Prior Author Talk, Ashgrove Library


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Tue 28 Oct 2014

Otherwise known as Grand Purl Baa or Queen of the Tea Cosies, Loani Prior will be giving an author talk at the Ashgrove Library on October 28th. With her fourth book, "Pretty Funny Tea Cosies" now on sale, she has quite a following. Loani says there are almost 90,000 tea cosy nutters worldwide and most of them own a book or three from her collection. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of these "nutters" live in Australia!

Loani's books have, indeed, done very well. Perhaps it's that whole idea of making something unique and quirky - perhaps we could even say odd - that appeals to so many. Her third book, "How Tea Cosies Changed the World" was, after all, nominated for the UK Oddest Book Title of the Year Award last year! The Grand Purl Baa has written four books in the last six years - and they're beautiful, quirky, outrageous and fun all at the same time.

Now if you're thinking you'll have to be the Martha Stewart of the knitting world to create these fabulous tea cosies, think again. These original creations are suitable for all skill levels from beginner knitters to the purling master. Her latest book contains 25 knitted cosies and pretty things, with the focus being on the pretty.

You never know what you'll hear and learn at these events but here's a heart warming story that she tells about one such evening:
"I knew deep down in my belly that tea cosies are funny. But I learned the SECRET of the tea cosy when I met Joan. She brought her own tea cosy along to a book event to show me. It was stained and threadbare but she held that thing to her bosom like it was the most precious thing in the world and she told me a story.

Joan's grandmother had knitted the tea cosy with her own young hands when she was a new bride. Her grandmother had used it every day of her married life and when she died, Joan's mother had taken the cosy and used it too and now that she was dead, it was Joan's. That funny old thing was almost eighty years old and it was filled with all the love and memories of three life times."

Do you have an old tea cosy or three in the back of your linen cupboard? Get it out, give it a tub and start using it with pride. Or better still, bring it along for all to see at what is sure to be a fun event.

Books will be for sale at this event, or if you have one of Loani's books already, bring it along to have it signed. Bookings are essential so call the library and book to ensure your seat.

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