Little Shits: Same House, Different Day

Little Shits: Same House, Different Day


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From Hannah Camilleri , this collection of six short scenes is about 12-14 minutes of viewing, with each scene having about half a minute's worth of credits at the end. It was produced with the aid of an arts grant. The Little Shits theme is hard to understand, my take is it is a creative name for the collection of scenes where the characters live in the same house yet as stated in the description at is about the dynamics of four housemates' social interaction. The characters are Fran and Nina (played by David Quirk and Hannah Camilleri who are in a relationship) along with Henry (played by Jordan Prosser, who lived at the house in the scenes' entirety) as well as Ruth (played by Nat Harris) who, during the course of the scenes, has attended a room inspection (in scene one Beautiful House) and then moved into a spare room in the house appearing intermittently in ensuing scenes. One interesting point is there is no main character, if there was one it would be Fran; I base this on the fact that he was hosting the house inspection.

These situational comedy scenes are very charming on one level yet leads me to get even more frustrated with the name. The term 'little shits' is making me think I have missed the point on this. I didn't laugh much during the comedy yet I was surprised by my level of interest, it had entertainment value hence the frustration with the name. It's also a really useful idea with the pandemic going on to think in terms of home life, so this very modern and subtle series of scenes needs a good name, it is a quirky idea for a show.

Here is my scene by scene summary of the series:

Beautiful House: Fran and Ruth are discussing a potential reunion in terms of Ruth taking a spare room in Fran's share house. At this stage, only Fran and Ruth have appeared and a niggling debate has started about seeing the room itself ...

Journey Together: Henry and Nina are having a mild and seemingly pointless debate about the finding of a lost phone, where Henry wants to be on a 'journey together', as a metaphor for being on the same wavelength, especially about living together and the issues that entails ...

Totally Brilliant: is simply about Fran and Nina wanting to end their day out with a short meeting of dinner with Fran's parents. However, Nina is not really up for the occasion. The scene is called Totally Brilliant because Fran states that his parents are totally brilliant, despite the fact Nina isn't ready to meet them.

Collectively Create: is about an impromptu yet mild argument about Henry and Ruth's inability to collectively create a vibe about the place ... well, not a happy vibe anyway.

Take Your Time: the number of characters has suddenly changed from two people to three as Ruth offers to buy Nina a pillow but then finds out she may have to renege or withdraw her offer with some upset involved ...

It's Moving: the sitcom is now featuring up to three visible and four speaking characters, as Henry has put out an open invite to a bike ride, but finds everyone stalling and then his helmet is hard to locate ...

Overall, a tremendous idea in terms of the trends of the pandemic yet I feel I have missed the point about the title Little Shits. Are the characters disliked by their parents? Do their parents think they are 'little shits', or are the debates that exist throughout the series called 'little shits'? It's just a bit hard to figure out, maybe it's not meant to be clear, maybe it's a creative name for the series.

The actors have a good, convincing and capable demeanour, they are good quality given it is just a small series of sketches done from an arts grant. Personally, as a huge Seinfeld fan, I was really looking forward to an Australian version of the show and somehow, despite the aspects that work against it, overall, I was quite surprised by the acting, the original dilemmas and that hint of the abstract that got me to at least pay attention when possibly it should have had me more disinterested. In terms of arts grants scenes and series of scenes, I'll offer it a 9/10 on the basis of having useful acting and some fun scenes that I can definitely relate to having shared in houses and for being an Aussie version of the legendary and popular nineties sitcom Seinfeld ...

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