Little Monsters - Film Review

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Posted 2022-09-15 by Jenfollow

Little Monsters aka Finnick is an animated film directed by Denis Chernov, written by Tatyana Belova and narrated by Pete Zarustica. Starring Finnick (voice of Billy Bob Thompson) the Finn, Christine (Nathalie Ferare) the daughter, Christine's dad (Clifford Chapin), Christine's mum (Emily Cramer), JB (Robb Moreira) the villain, Muffinn (Paul Castro Jr) - JB's Finn, the TV Reporter (Jason Griffith) and Mark (Matt Shipman) the cool dude. With a run time of 87 minutes, the film will be screening at multiplexes and independents as follows.

  • Vic, Qld & Tas from 15 Sept & 29 Sept
  • NSW, ACT & WA from 22 Sep & 6 Oct
  • South Australia from 22, 29 Sep & 13 Oct

  • It might be news to you that every house is inhabited by Finns. They're furry creatures invisible to the human eye, and living in a human world, taking care of the inhabitants of the home they occupy, making a house a home. Finnick the Finn is not like the others. Tired of bumbling humans in a noisy world, he has decided to keep humans out of his home with all the tricks he has up his fur, making the house he occupies gain notoriety as being haunted.

    However, everything changes when 13 year old Christine and her parents come to live in his home. None of Finnick's tricks work as Christine is a very logical thinker and believes everything that happens, has a logical reason. A bit of a sleuth, she goes investigating and comes upon a world she didn't expect to see. Just new in town in a new home, mysterious happenings begin to take place, inexplicable events from perhaps an evil force. This calls for Finn and human to unite and work together to solve the mysterious events and save the city.

    Engaging, adorable and comedic comes to mind, along with a good story that'll keep you engaged, young ones and adults alike. The animations are very likeable and easy on the eye. The story is plausible - but regardless you will want to believe in such a world because it's so magical and mischievous. It will definitely fill you with dreams and fantasies of Finns existing, making our world a better place.

    Enjoyable all the way through, it speaks of friendships, of coming together in a time of disaster to help each other out. It might fly a little above the contemplation of little minds, but it also shows how disappointment and being made to feel less than can affect you and can have disastrous effects. A great story that's fun to watch and one the kids will not want to miss out on and something the parents can sit through, engaged as well. A definite must see for the school holidays.

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