Little Millstream Falls

Little Millstream Falls


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Most people have heard of Millstream Falls . It is a popular attraction off the Kennedy Highway between Ravenshoe and Innot Hot Springs.

What most visitors to the region don't realise though, is that there is another waterfall on the Millstream that is worth visiting - this one!

The boasts a deep, picturesque swimming hole with a rope swing at the bottom of the waterfalls. To get there, you have to tackle a moderate grade steep walking track down to the swimming spot. It is a rather stony trail, so shoes will make the walk more pleasant for everyone concerned.

On your way down, make sure to stop to take photos as there are many opportunities for great scenery photos. Trust me, you won't want to be stopping on the way back up for photographs. You'll just want to get back to the car ASAP before the lovely coolness of your swim wears off and you end up hot and sweaty again!

Also at the same location is another walking trail that goes into the National Park, but if it is the swim you are after, take the downwards trail from the carpark.

Now here is something that only the locals know about. There are actually two spots to enjoy the water at. The known swim spot is at the very bottom of the walking trail, a deep pool with lilies and wildlife. We spotted platypus here, and a large blue heron enjoying the tranquillity until our kids arrived that is. However, after you embark down 11 stone steps, you can take the overgrown path to the right which seems like it goes nowhere. It will take you down to a nice, quiet rock pool.

It is in this direction you will find another one of these geocaches, if you are a GPS treasure hunter that is! The cache is well hidden, and as per usual, the GPS is irregular, jumping around which makes it harder to get close to the hidden cache. We did not locate it on our first visit as the heat chased us all the way down to the bottom for a cool-off in the water. The second time, we set out on a wet day and it was much more pleasant hunting around.

When you visit, make sure you bring plenty of water and a plastic bag for rubbish. This area is pristine due to low tourist traffic, so keep it that way and take any rubbish you see with you!

Getting there is fairly easy, and it is much easier on the car than the Big Millstream Falls dirt road. On the Kennedy Highway just out of Ravenshoe, turn onto the Tully Falls Road, then swing a right onto Wooroora Road. It is just a matter of following this road until you see the green National Park sign on the right, and a dirt road going to the Carpark.

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