The Little Fig Cafe

The Little Fig Cafe


Posted 2012-07-13 by Kathleenfollow

South of the city on Winston Avenue lies The Little Fig , a very cute little café using coffee beans roasted right here in Adelaide. This is not your run of the mill coffee. When I had my first sip, it hit me that I had never had this coffee before. It was a pleasant surprise with no bitterness and an almost honey-ish taste. For people who say that coffee is coffee and that's that, I suggest they give this a try. It's definitely no wonder that they take such pride in it, declaring on a sign at the counter that they have 'amazing coffee'. And, they're spot on.

In this charming little eatery, I ordered a pumpkin and salami bagel with Swiss cheese that was absolutely divine. It was also surprisingly filling for something that didn't look very big. I would most certainly get it again.

Here is the compulsory coffee shot - they do look good though, am I right?

My partner got a ham and cheese croissant which was, pretty much just a ham and cheese croissant – there isn't much you can do to go wrong with this café staple. Though from the way he was eyeing off my bagel, I think he was a little jealous.

Not being a very large space, the food is kept simple with the offering being light meals, think more frittatas and slices, bagels and croissants, than big meals. The Little Fig has a friendly vibe to it, and with little stalls to sit along a bench and look out the window as well as tables, it could suit someone dining alone who didn't wish to have everyone's attention drawn to the fact that they were dining alone.

There are plenty of newspapers and magazines and books with beautiful landscapes in them to keep people occupied while they eat and enjoy that delicious coffee, or you could just sit and have a nice chat. They sell homemade jams too, and you can purchase some coffee beans to take home. I couldn't resist featuring a photo of this sign.

It's a nice and funny reminder that children are welcome but should be well behaved.

The only downside to this lovely little cafe that I can think of is that they aren't open on Sunday. It would be perfect for a relaxing brunch on that lovely day of the week. With some tables outside (that are non-smoking for a nice change) for days where the sun shines and a warm and cosy interior for those days when it doesn't, The Little Fig is a little winner.

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