Liquid Architecture Singapore 2014

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Posted 2014-10-06 by Lionelfollow

What exactly is sound art? If you don't have a clue, you're not alone. Thanks to Liquid Architecture, Singapore will now get an ear full of how any and all sounds can become music, perhaps even the roar of the Singapore Grand Prix . Originating from Australia , Liquid Architecture showcases the world's leading artists working with sound through specific events, exhibitions and performances. This year's festival will tour Melbourne , Sydney , Brisbane and Perth from 24 September to 11 October.

Thanks to the support of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, Arts Victoria and LASALLE College of the Arts research funding body, the festival will debut in Singapore on 10 and 11 October.

You can enjoy FREE admission to a programme that reflects the development of sound art and engages the cultural, social, political and economic conditions in which we hear sound. There will be lectures, performances, presentations, a sound installation, and discussion addressing the theme 'The Ear is a Brain: Sound Beyond Sound'. You will be surprised and challenged as to how you listen to and process different sounds by a line up of leading artists who work with sound, language and voice. Highlights include:

  • Id M Theft Able will introduce Singapore to an audio composition that combines vocals (grunts, screams, tongue-clicks, gurgling, chanting) and sounds summoned from a range of amplified and unamplified objects, bent circuits, homebuilt keyboards, and modified tape machines.

  • Emile Zile based in Amsterdam captures the traces of humanity inscribed on the remnants of a digital culture through site-specific performance, portraiture and film-making.

  • Lucy Phelan and Matthew P. Hopkins based in Sydney will present a new live audio-visual performance that incorporates video backdrops, lights, objects, and improvised sound.

  • A panel will discuss the theme 'The Ear is a Brain: Sound beyond Sound' led by curators Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela.

  • PerMagnus Lindborg will present climate records and predictions as a music whose form is determined by the data and a discussion of perceptualisation techniques applied in art and science.

  • Alessandro Bosetti will present his work Mask Mirror where he samples his voice with prerecorded voices in an electronic ventriloquism.

  • Steve Dixon and Joyce Beethuan Koh focus on the creation of sound design for a multimedia theatre production of T.S. Eliot's 1922 poem 'The Waste Land'.

  • Don't miss Bani Haykal's 'Dormant Music' commissioned by Liquid Architecture Singapore where sound is regarded as a social object. The gallery will be transformed into an acoustic chamber that houses various deconstructed musical elements that you can interact with. It will challenge how you listen to and process sound in relation to the cultural context of Singapore.

  • Held in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Art's School of Contemporary Music from the Faculty of Performing Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, you will enjoy a wide range of sound art involving language, music, installation and everything in between. The key to Liquid Architecture is simply listening.

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