Liminal Treats - Melbourne Fringe Review

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Posted 2022-10-14 by Mia Ferreirafollow

Thu 13 Oct 2022 - Sun 23 Oct 2022

If bizarre and beautiful were a planet and 'nirvana, beep, wormhole, yesss' were the mantra… you'd find yourself at Liminal Treats!

There's nothing like a Melbourne Fringe performance art piece to melt the layers of sensibilities and convention, making the spreadsheets and schedules I'd been staring at all day seem so pointless and dull! Surely, these shenanigans are what I should be doing with my life, I think to myself!Mr. Jerky-raver, yogi-ballerina-bear, power-cord-bag-lady and tulle-ruffled-sea lettuce-flower-being (obviously my fave!) - are 'apparitions from the future' summoned by our improv group chanting and the special 'riff-Taff' machine powered by 'sci-eance'.

A bunch of odd but interesting and intricate characters, each one utterly mesmerising. Untangling and re-tangling, undressing and re-dressing, showering, mopping, burning…. I won't give everything away (see the photos for a sneak peek) as not to spoil it all. Sure the tequila-based cocktail (a truly delicious Paloma) I consumed probably helped to soften and open my mind, and the variety of sweet treats that were served throughout the show (vegan options avail too) may have sent me spiralling on a sugar high I haven't felt since I was 12…But those alone could not have transported me to an otherworldly space.

Fantastic costumes and props, evocative and captivating movements, fun futuristic mood music, and the bars graffiti walls and neon lights all added to and enhanced this immersive experience. Totally ridiculous, without real purpose and also brilliantly intriguing - I give it a rating of: worth the trip on two trains from Sandy to Footscray in a flood, or: & #11088 ;& #65039 ; & #11088 ;& #65039 ; & #11088 ;& #65039 ; with a & #127827 ; on top.

Described as: An experience to pamper your senses - paring immersive theatre with sweet treats.It's like a food and wine pairing only with a hell-of-a-lot of delicious treats paired with wild, experimental, intricate and beautiful performance art pieces.From beginning to end be treated as a first-class future-viewing tourist as we open rifts in time & space to view creatures from thousands of years into the future.Step into the liminal with us to delight in fresh fruit, baked goods, gooey pleasures, and delicious cocktails alongside performances from Melbourne's most unique surrealist performance artists.Go on treat yourself!

Presented by Scratch Arts - Liminal Treats is on now for Melbourne Fringe.

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