Lili Kendall - New Single 'Lifetime' & Interview

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Posted 2018-01-21 by Jade Jacksonfollow

Note: Lili Kendall's responses have been included, verbatim. Interview was conducted via email.

Since moving to Los Angeles in June, 2016, Australian musician, Lili Kendall has dropped two killer singles, Home, and Lifetime; leaving much anticipation and excitement for her E.P to follow, later this year.

Lili's hypnotic voice, emotionally charged and captivating lyrics, and evocative beats (mixed and produced by Deneaux), will easily slip into your favourite's playlist.

Originally from Brisbane, Lili took the opportunity in L.A to re-invent herself musically, cementing her status as a powerful, talented, and independant businesswoman, in the process becoming the kind of creative role model, many young Australian women, desperately need.

Lili Kendall recently took time away from recording her next single in L.A, to answer some questions for WeekendNotes readers.

Q: Moving overseas can be daunting for anyone, especially L.A, with so many creatives vying for the spotlight. What's been the biggest challenge for you, setting yourself up in Los Angeles?

Lili: "The biggest challenge for me was actually getting to LA, getting my visa and sorting everything legal out in the very first part of the move. It's been pretty smooth so far though, for the most part, everything has kind of fallen into place in its own time. I don't really focus on what everyone else is doing, so feeling like I'm vying for the spotlight isn't really an issue, I'm doing my own thing, and have a great team that understand and value my ideas and voice as an artist and woman."

Q: From what you've experienced so far, has being in L.A and living amongst American culture changed you musically or influenced your songwriting?

Lili:"There's a definite Californian sound in LA you hear in production and writing, just like Australia/UK/different cultures and cities have a certain something to their music that makes it identifiable. But I think my music just sounds like me and who I am in the present moment, and the influence from the producer or musicians I might be working with on that particular record. I think the biggest difference for me since moving to LA is I have learnt not to rely on anyone, I have taught myself a lot of behind the scenes stuff and grown as an artist and businesswoman a lot."

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Q: So you've just released a new single, Lifetime, which literally gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, it's incredible. What are you currently working on?

Lili:"Thank you! I'm currently finishing up the last bits and pieces of my EP, and have just started releasing a song a month off it, Lifetime in December, and I just dropped a second track off off it, Home, onto my Soundcloud."

Listen to both singles Home, and Lifetime, below:

Q: Can we expect an album anytime soon and what might that be like?

Lili:"You can definitely expect an EP soon, and a whole lot more content throughout the rest of the year! A lot of things in the works…"

Q: If you had an opportunity to tour with any current musician and to play at any venue, who would it be with and where?

Lili"Ooooo, too many options... Gwen Stefani at the Hollywood Bowl."

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Q: When you're not creating your own music, who are you listening to?

Lili: "A whole lot but off the top of my head right now some favourites are: Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, James Brown, Solange, Frank Ocean, Etta James, Raury, Earthgang, Ravyn Lenae, Jill Scott, Tyler, The Creator, Kali Uchis, Erykah Badu, SZA, Kanye."

Q: Now that you're a local, what are the top three places you've discovered in L.A, (shops, bars, gig venues, eateries etc)

Lili:%%1. "My favourite cafe I have found is called, Paramount Coffee Project, on Fairfax Ave. It's owned by Australians, and I always find myself there for the vibe and coffee when I miss home!"
2. "My favourite bar is the rooftop of Mama Shelter on Selma. It's the best in summer at sunset."
3. "My current favourite yoga spot is Y7 in west hollywood, candle lit, hot yoga, with hip hop/R&B music. I'm obsessed."%%

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Q: What's been the craziest, most unbelievable L.A moment for you so far?

Lili: "I don't really know… I haven't had anything too crazy happen to me yet, I kind of keep to my circle of people I trust and love, and have mostly just focused on my music since moving in June."

Q: Will you have an opportunity to visit other cities in America and if so what's on your bucket list?

Lili: %%"Yes I would hope so! I'm about to spend a bit more time in New York soon.
But my bucket list places in america are San Fran, New Orleans, Hawaii, Colorado and a little town in Alabama called Muscle Shoals, that has a whole lot of music history and from what I've heard the creative energy of the studios and town are indescribable."%%

Q: After you've taken over L.A, what's next for you, music wise?

Lili: "Worldwide domination…"

Thanks so much for your time Lili, I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to hearing more incredible music from you!

Lili: "Thanks!"

To support Lili Kendall in her quest for worldwide musical domination, you can purchase her singles Home or Them (feat. Manu Crook$) on iTunes now.

To view her music video for Lifetime, check it out on here .

**To keep up to date with Lili's E.P and future tour news, you can:
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