Lightscape - The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Lightscape - The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


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Fri 26 May 2023 - Sun 16 Jul 2023

During Vivid, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens came to Iife with Lightscape , an event that started on the 26th of May and ends on the 16th of July, and 2023 was its first year as part of Vivid, but continued beyond the end of the main Vivid event, which gave people more chances to see it before it ends on the 16th of July 2023.

Rainbow Flowers - Ashleigh Meikle

Fire - Ashleigh Meikle

As you enter the gardens, a row of flowers that change colour in time to music, and as you move through the garden, pops of light and colour appear. Some change and some are quite flashy and strobe-like, so if don’t like those ones or are prone to seizures, look away. There are only a few of these that might unsettle people like this, and the rest are steady, so I didn’t have a problem with them. There was an amazing instalment about fire, with two dragons breathing fire at various intervals, exceptional birds of paradise lights that were reflected in a pond, and projections on trees that danced across the bark gently.

Birds of Paradise - Ashleigh Meikle

Colourful Tree - Ashleigh Meikle

Peacock Lights - Ashleigh Meikle

The lights were bursting with colour and life as you move around the path of lights, which, much like other Vivid events, is marked out so people can go along the light trail easily, so you don’t have to wander around aimlessly and there are wonderful team members there to guide you along. Sometimes, there are light instalments that just pop out at you, and in between, there are coloured lights to guide you along the path.

Birds - Ashleigh Meikle

Rainbow Tree - Ashleigh Meikle

These lights were created by local and international artists, and bring the garden to life, but only a part of it – you get to explore a spectacular part of the garden from the Queen Elizabeth Gate next to the Sydney Opera House, and the one and a half to two-hour walk will spit you out at the Tarpeian Lawn. The event is timed in terms of entry, but you can take however long you would like or need to, and the event was accessible – wheelchairs could be hired and returned once you were at the end.

The beauty of this event helped me discover the Botanic Gardens in a new light and has made me want to go back in the daylight to explore more and uncover what I was unable to see in the dark. There was a big tree nearer the end that I could see at various vantage points, until you are almost at the end and then you see it up close – each time you see it is amazing, and whenever the lights are reflected on bodies of water, it is so wonderful, and brings more of the garden to life.

Cathedral of Light - Ashleigh Meikle

As you exit the Lightscape trail, you go through the Cathedral of Lights, which looks simple but on closer inspection, the lights were shaped like flowers, and I think this was my favourite part, what I was looking forward to seeing the most. It is a spectacular event and I hope it returns next year.

26 May – 16 July 2023
Open every day - 26 May to 18 June - from 5.30pm,
Open Wednesday – Sunday - 21 June to 16 July - from 5.30pm,
• Tickets for this event are timed in 15-minute increments from 5.30pm
• Last entry onto the trail will be 10 minutes after the final advertised time slot
• On each Lightscape event day the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will close to the public at 4.30pm and reopen to Lightscape ticket holders from 5.30pm onwards.

Peak Admission Tickets
Adult: Member $36 / Non-member $40
Child (3-12 years): Member $24 / Non-member $28
Family: Member $112 / Non-member $128
Off-Peak Admission Tickets
Adult: Member $26 / Non-member $30
Child (3-12 years): Member $14 / Non-member $18
Family: Member $72 / Non-member $88


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