Light at Sensorio

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Posted 2023-05-23 by Judy Karniafollow

Thu 25 May 2023 - Sat 06 Jan 2024

After a day in Paso Robles of basking in gorgeous green vistas while tasting local wines, the perfect evening involves a visit to Sensorio. I walked down the dirt path to a grassy area where children played, and people waited in line for food and drinks. A small stage sat at the far end and fire pits glowed around the edges. Dusk was falling as I crossed a passageway to the vast field that held the light display.

The lights began to gently glow in a multitude of color. 100,000 spheres rested atop fiber-optic stems to create a carpet that flowed through the valley and up small hills on each side. As the glow of the sunset faded, the colors of the lights grew more intense.

A sidewalk wended along either side of the field to provide varying perspectives of the patchwork of blues, pinks, greens, and oranges. Eventually, the complete darkness of the sky left the visitors immersed in the colors as they cheerfully pointed out their favorites.

The light display, Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio has expanded recently to include Light Towers. At the far end of the Light at Sensorio field, 69 towers containing over 17,000 wine bottles are spread out in a circular area. Visitors meander through the display as ethereal music plays and the color of each tower changes in time with it.

Bruce Munro is a British artist who is world-renown for his large-scale artworks using light to create an emotional response in viewers. His Field of Light installations have delighted people around the world, including New York, London, and Australia.

Visitors to Paso Robles can enjoy the stunning landscape of this area even at night by visiting Sensorio. The hours of operation vary throughout the year to coincide with the sunset.

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