Life in Limbo - Book Review

Life in Limbo - Book Review


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One in every 200 young adults have suffered some form of psychosis, at some point in their life. Psychotic experiences are not the same for those who suffer from this ailment, therefore the diagnosis varies for each individual case.

The most common diagnoses could be schizophrenia, drug intoxication / alcohol abuse, delusional disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately most sufferers tend to keep the illness to themselves, for fear of being ostracised by their peers, or ridiculed. It is not "cool" to say "I am depressed" instead, masking it further by excessive drinking or taking drugs, until it's out of control.
"Life in Limbo" is the true story of Matt Barwick; a young man, who at 29 is at the prime of his life. Married to a beautiful woman, a career as a Cartographer, a network of close friends and family; but life is not complete. They long to have a child of their own but unfortunately he battles with infertility.


Matt's world was turned upside down when his only brother committed suicide, who unknown to everyone had been suffering from depression, for years.

After the funeral, Matt was himself, diagnosed as Bipolar, thus the journey, to battle the demons that lurked in his mind had begun. This is his story of how he dealt with his depression and how he overcame the temptation of suicide, which tested his marriage and his relationships towards friends and family. There was the possibility of losing his career and the thought that he may eventually succumb to the lure of joining his brother in the afterlife.

In the midst of all his sufferings, he is supported by a network of close family and friends, and most important of all, is the love of his wife Ali, whose saying is "better together"

This memoir, written by Matt is a testament, that no matter what life throws at you, there is always hope and one should never give up. He shares his story in the hope that fellow sufferers should not be afraid to seek help and to make them aware that there are professionals that can help; as long as they can admit to themselves that they need assistance to deal with their illness.

Most mental illness is treatable, and treatment can involve a combination of medication and therapeutic support, i.e. counselling, but it's necessary that as soon as the symptoms appear, you must see your GP and he/she will be able to point you to the right direction.

The chances of a good outcome, will always be higher if the symptoms are diagnosed early rather than later. Always bear in mind that it is never too late for anybody suffering from any form of mental illness. Reach out and your life can be fulfilling.

Listed below are organizations that are available if someone needed to get an advice on tough issues or simply want someone to talk to.

Age: 12-25
1800 650 890

•Kids Helpline
Age: 5-25
Kids Helpline have phone counseling 24/7
1800 55 1800

For support and advice in a personal crisis
13 11 14

I also came across this site which I found to be very informative.

As with the adage that we are most familiar of "There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow".

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