Lettice and Lovage by The Theatre Guild Theatre Review

Lettice and Lovage by The Theatre Guild Theatre Review


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Lettice and Lovage by The Theatre Guild – Theatre Review

Thirty years after Maggie Smith, as Lettice Douffet, and Margaret Tyzack, as Lotte Schoen, gave Tony Award-winning performances in this comedic and satire play by Peter Schaffer, director Angela Short, has fulfilled her dream of directing this play in her latest production from the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild.

Even though the Theatre Guild has an excellent reputation for developing top amateur and professional theatre productions in Adelaide I did wonder how their performance of Lettice and Lovage would be received by today's audiences when compared with the highly publicised and outstanding theatre performances by the two award-winning veterans in the West End. Even though Smith and Tyzack are a hard act to follow, Walker and Malujlo have no need for concern.


Tracey Walker, as Lettice Douffet, a flamboyant tour guide, and Sharon Malujlo as the arrogant bureaucrat, are marvellous as they showcase their talents with life and humour in their performances.

From the outset Walker received lots of laughter from the audience as Lettice Douffet, a tour-guide with a theatrical back-ground, finds the history of the stately home some-what dull. So, as a means of enhancing the visitors experience, she exaggerates the tiresome facts into wild fanciful stories that grow larger than life and further from the truth with every tour.

This leads Douffet into trouble with Lotte Schoen, the 'Preservation Trust' official who dismisses her, but later befriends her. Both actors are a pleasure to watch as they certainly create an "Odd Couple", who develop a united front as they indulge in some of their own play-acting as they recreate famous execution scenes. Although Maluijo as the very conservative official is quite the contrary to Douffet, she still manages to bring much humour to her performance.

Anita Canala as Miss Framer, Lotte's secretary, and Jack Robins as Mr. Bardolph, the solicitor, give fine performances. Robins raises laughs as the defending counsellor for Douffet, who obviously is in need of a lawyer, which I will not elaborate on. He seriously struggles with dealing with both women who have such different agendas when it comes to legal matters, which raises plenty of laughter.

Lettice and Lovage is a very cleverly written, entertaining and engaging piece of play-writing by Schaffer. His renowned reputation as an outstanding playwright and screenwriter is clearly evident as this story unfolds.

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