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5 Lesser Known Zombie Comics

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by Jennifer Muirhead (subscribe)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~ Eartha Kitt
Published September 27th 2018
Still hungry for brains
It's coming up to Halloween, which is a nice time to read something a little spooky or horror themed. If you fancy a zombie comic, but you've already read The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, you might like to give these lesser known zombie comics a try.

two posh old ladies who found themselves in a bit of a zombie apocalypse, comics, zombie comics, comics about zombies, zombie apocalypse

1. Two Posh Old Ladies Who Found Themselves in A Bit of A Zombie Apocalypse

"No room for art? Well the world truly has come to an end!"

Betty and Dolly, the eponymous two posh old ladies, only notice that the Zombie Apocalyse has begun because their cleaner hasn't been around for a few days since there is "a spot of illness going around". When zombies actually break into their home, they are rescued by a strapping young man who takes them to shelter in a compound full of other survivors.

It's quite short and is really a one-joke comic, but it's sweet, and nicely executed, like a zombie shot cleanly through the head from a good distance away so that no blood and brain spatter will get on the shooter.

The other dead, zombies, zombie comic, comics, zombie apocalypse, zombocalypse, zombie animals

2. The Other Dead

As hurricane threatens New Orleans, suddenly the dead begin to rise. Not dead humans, but dead animals, rising to attack living humans who have hunted and killed them. An unsuccessful metal band find the ducks they sacrificed to Satan for fame and glory (or something?) start flying at people, blunt, harmless bills ready for carnage (seriously, they're ducks, how much harm can they do?), and a group of deer hunters flee from a stag with half its skull missing. Then President Obama gets wind of the disaster and decides to fly down to Louisiana personally to lend a hand, all on his own without so much as a secret service minder.

the other dead, dead duck, zombies, zombie comics, zombie apocalypse, undead
Oh noes! Surely not!

I couldn't quite believe this comic wasn't a parody, but it doesn't seem to be. The dialogue is inane, the characters are little more than cardboard cutouts and the plot is bonkers. I didn't care for the art, as all the characters look oddly deformed and some are difficult to tell apart If I was awarding star ratings I'd give them at least one star for the zombie ducks alone, because that's just hilarious, whether intentional or no. Having zombie animals is a novel concept too. I've encountered it before, in Mira Grant's excellent Newsflesh trilogy, but never a whole story just about undead animals. It's different, I'm just not sure it's different in a good way.

jesus hates zombies, zombies, Jesus, comics, zombie comics, zombie apocalypse, lesser known zombie comics

3. Jesus Hates Zombies

Nobody knows how the plague began, but it has spread across the globe. Jesus is sent back down to Earth (appearing nude in a ball of light like a T1000) to put things right. He is joined by his zombie friend, Laz (who I suppose he makes an exception for) and Abraham Lincoln, werewolf hunter to fight against not only ordinary zombies, but the zombie angel Gabriel.

Jesus Hates Zombies, comics, zombie comics, zombie Apocalypse, lesser known zombie comics
From Jesus Hates Zombies.

This one is bound to offend at least some readers, what with the blasphemy, swearing and gore. A lot of gore- the artists seem to be very fond of drawing eyeballs popping out of skulls.

jesus hates zombies, lincoln hates werewolves, zombies, zombie comics, lesser known zombie comics, zombie apocalypse, zombocalypse
Lincoln faces down his first werewolf.

The art is decent, and reminds me of the work of Jhonan Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac). It's gross and silly, but fun.

zombies of oz, zombies, oz, zombie comics, zombie apocalypse, zombocalypse, lesser known zombie comics

4. Zombies of Oz

"By golly! I've met all types of men, but never a rotting meat man. Welcome, Sir, to the land of Oz!"

Somehow a solitary zombie in a hot air balloon arrives in the land of Oz, spreading the zombie plague to the unsuspecting inhabitants. When the Tin Man is attacked by a group of zombies, who keep breaking their teeth on his metal body as he chops them up with his axe, he finds a metal pin bearing the crest of Ozma, the Queen of Oz. Realising the Emerald City is in peril, he sets out to warn his friends.

If you're a big fan of the Oz books, this comic might make you sad. You might love it, just be prepared for bad things to happen to some old friends. The art is beautiful, with a lovely Art Deco vibe that is amusingly at odds with the subject matter.

zombies vs robots, zombie comics, zombies, comics about zombies, lesser known zombie comics, zombie apocalypse, zombocalypse

5. Zombies vs. Robots

"Zombies! Braindead automatons and rotting reminders of man's hubris! Robots! Braindead Automatons and constructed remainders of man's potential!"

A couple of arrogant human scientists in an underground bunker open a portal to who knows where and one of them decideds to test it by going through it himself, because what could go wrong? Humanity being almost completely destroyed by zombies, that's what. It all comes down to the robots humans left behind fighting to defend the last living human baby against the zombies, desperate for the last edible brain.

Zombies vs. Robots is more or less what you'd expect from the title. The fact that Michael Bay's production company bought the rights to make a movie of it should tell you what you need to know about it.

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