Lehmann's Farm Park Playspace

Lehmann's Farm Park Playspace


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was commissioned by Places Victoria and part of the redevelopment of Edgars Creek Reserve. Designed by leading Australian playground designer Ric McConaghy in collaboration with Justin Staggard , it boasts many unique and exciting dairy-themed components to celebrate and commemorate the history of the land.

The space is split into four quadrants and created to reflect the agricultural and domestic activities that would have taken place at the time of Lehmann's Farm being an operational dairy such as pasture, processing and past domestic spaces.

The 'pasture' area has a range of raised artificial turf mounds to represent the boundless paddocks that cows roam within and ruminating around.

The upper area reflects some of the processes of the dairy such as the milk agitator (spinner), the Jarlsberg cheese blocks for clambering, the butter block and hay bale seating and the movement activated sound element that has a series of random dairy sounds.

The past domestic space provides digging, discovery and interpretive elements. There are artefacts to be discovered in the digging patch, bones to be uncovered and a range of mediums to dig in around the vegetable patch, complete with large pumpkins and watermelons to jump on and play.

Some small elements are included in the adjacent spaces to tie the four quadrants together. A range of fun fences separate the spaces, some for clambering over and some for sneaking or peeking through. The elements are placed within a maze with discovery elements, timber walkways and ramps.
History Of The Land

Lehmann's Farm originally knowns as Sunrise Farm is one of the oldest site of European history in Epping. Although the Lehmann's bought the land in 1854, the dairy farm only became fully established during the 1920's when good transportation for both rail and road ensured that milk will reach Melbourne in a few hours. In the days before cars, trucks and refrigeration, the farmers faced a hard walk carting milk products by horse and buggy along the rough and boggy road to Melbourne before it spoiled.

The Lehmann's house was built of bluestone which would have been cold in winter and pleasantly cool in the hot summer. It helped the Lehmann's to store their dairy products without a refrigerator.

The Lehmann left the dairy farm in 1932 when Great Depression struck.

Edgars Creek Reserve in Epping North

Current completed 3.5kms-long pathway alongside Edgars Creek Reserve connects into Aurora's future 20kms of path and the regional hike and bike network with exercise stations - each fitted out with fitness equipment (such as pull-down machines, rowers and bench presses). You can walk the dog, ride a bike, go for a run or work out at the exercise stations.

Part of the redevelopment includes revegetating the creek and surrounding land back to its pre-settlement form.

The farm and surrounding areas were the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri-Willam people, which were taken up as part of the Wollert Pastoral Run, first leased to John Pike and then Charles Caldwell Campbell between 1840 and 1850.

Pre-European settlement, Edgars Creek was a much more prolific watercourse than it is today and provided the Wurundjeri with drinking water and food from the birds and animals that clustered there.

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