Learn to Cook Raw and Vegan Dessert Workshops in Melbourne

Learn to Cook Raw and Vegan Dessert Workshops in Melbourne


Posted 2018-03-01 by finyfollow
Raw and vegan is becoming more and more popular and mostly articles are on savoury dishes. This list has raw dessert dishes that look so delicious. There is no processed sugar in any of these, making them healthier than an ordinary dessert or sweet.

Raw desserts can be delicious and this workshop is quite different to many others as they are generally not exclusive to raw desserts.

Renee, who is taking this class has designed and made cakes and desserts for some of Melbourne's popular trendy health food places such as SoulPress, Green Street Juice, Seretonin Eatery, Particles Cinnamon Cafe, Little Sunflower Cafe, Glo Health and The Staple Store.

So this workshop is all about ideas on how to give your desserts and treats a "medicinal twist", using the best herbal tonics and superfoods, as well as the art of using fermentation to give added medicinal benefit to your healthy sweet treats.

This could totally change the way we look at sweets as they can be healthy without added sugar and with "good" ingredients. The concept of this is still experimental and the workshops are run in an interactive way.

There could be new ideas which pop up as well and you will come away from this class with some new ideas that could help you create a healthier and deeper connection to yourself, the earth, and your body.

This workshop is not just about desserts, but it will teach you how to think "outside of the box" and make creations from a vegan perspective. It would be excellent for those of you who would like to go vegan/raw, but do not know where or how to start attempting this.

At this workshop, you will learn how to make an easy raw vegan biscuit as a base for making all your cakes and desserts, using raw nuts and buckwheat.

You will use fermented nuts instead of cheese in your cheesecakes or creams, adding a whole new dimension with a slightly cheesy taste!

You will also be shown how to "Wild Ferment" a few other super foods like berries, lemons and turmeric. This is a slightly different process to the culturing and fermentation and these foods are used for things like vegetables, kim chi, sauerkrauts etc.

When you go home, you will be taking a booklet with information on fermenting and culturing process, as well as all the complete recipes.

Some of these recipes will be discussed and then also tasted.The recipes will include:

  • RenĂ©e's raw vegan apple pie with nettle cream
  • Raw vegan cacao and Reishi cheesecake with a fermented turmeric cream swirl
  • Activated charcoal nice cream with fermented wild blueberries and laco-fermented lemons
  • Mango and pine pollen custard tarts
  • Morninga and wild fermented raspberry truffles
  • Tower of Love slice with cinnamon cream, coconut cream and raw vegan caramel

  • The workshop will take place in Renee's home and is located in the the forest in regional Victoria, only an hour's drive from Melbourne. Cost for this fabulous workshop is just $180, and places are limited to 10.

    For more information contact Renee on 0416 873 599 or to book your spot, or read more about Renee, go to this link.

    This not to be missed event will be on 18th March from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm at Blackwood, and you can find out more and book at this site.

    This is also going to be a fabulous event as this cake looks just so delicious!

    This cake making class will be held on 28th March at Shoku Iku, 120 High Street, Northcote, and it is presented by Rainbow Nourishments.

    Rainbow Nourishments is a food blog and raw cake business based in Canberra. In this class Anthea, the owner of Rainbow Nourishments, will demonstrate how to make and decorate a raw vegan "cheesecake" using plain nuts and wholefoods.

    Anthea will teach you each step on how to decorate these cakes and each person will do their own and get to take it home (valued at $50). You will be able to experiment with colours, flavours as well as styles, and all cakes are free from refined sugar.

    If you have little experience making raw desserts, then this is the class for you, and here you will have:

  • Equipment to use and make raw vegan cheesecakes
  • Demonstrations of making a layered cake including three different ideas
  • Fixing the surface and sides of a cheesecake
  • Putting chocolate or fruit puree on the sides of the cake
  • Making the frosting and piping
  • Other cake decorations such as chocolate shards and bliss balls
  • A copy of Anthea's "Nourishing Treats" e-book, and this has 25 recipes, most of which are raw, and a detailed cake decoration guide. This e-book contains a lot of the information that will be covered in this workshop

  • All necessary tools, equipment and ingredients
  • A wholefoods dinner

  • You will need to bring a reusable container to bring food home, an apron, and pen and paper, and you can find out more and book at this link.

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