Learn Relaxation Techniques

Learn Relaxation Techniques


Posted 2011-05-08 by Matthewfollow

Perhaps one of the most fascinating yet also just as equally frustrating, disappointing and unfortunate things about the human mind - is the inability to stop thinking about the very thing we do not want to think about.

Take the famous examples of pink giraffes or pink elephants.
One has to simply utter, 'Whatever you do, don't think about a pink elephant,' and the first thing we would normally do is cry out in hysterics, 'Oh dear, I just saw countless pink elephants flash before my eyes.'

Such a result is most likely a lot worse amongst Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder sufferers.

In the same way, when a person is told not to worry about something, that simply appears to make things worse. Chances are that his or her mind will automatically tell him or her to be a lot more concerned than what he or she was before being asked not to worry.

There might not be a real and complete solution to the above issues, but learning to relax could significantly lower the intensity and chronicity of all forms of anxiety. That may include both the onset and frequency of unwanted thoughts and worries about potentially unpleasant events in the near future.

Of course, it goes without saying, you would have definitely heard of things like 'Take a deep breath' before, unless you've been living (or relaxing?) under a rock.

But there's a lot more to this relaxation technique than what meets the eye. One deep breath obviously may not be sufficient. Just before bed attempt at least five to seven deep breaths, holding each one for at least five seconds. Don't forget to exhale all the air in your lungs prior to drawing the next breath. You should notice yourself entering a very different state prior to the exercise.

This method isn't restricted to just bedtime. It's also an awesome way to spare your vexing romantic interest your fist. And to all the biased women out there, I'm talking about your male lover.

Pardon the satire, but Violence Against Men - Australia Says No.
The drunkard on the train could also be spared your elbow. Please fill the gap for whoever could be spared your roundhouse kick, and replace it with deep breathing exercises.

It could save a lot in legal costs.

Another relaxation technique that is more or less carried out prior to bed is lighting candles. Apply a spark or two from a trusted cigarette lighter to the wick atop the candle stick, and place these around the room in strategic spots. Sit down on a comfortable sofa and you'll notice the difference it can make.

Now there's another way to unwind and this is all about addressing forthcoming stressful events and worries in general. Life is full of them, and for a lot of individuals the stress can be unbearable. Some people tend to always expect the worst possible outcome in all things. That could be due to the negative way their mind is programmed.

For example, if a person knows that a class presentation for university is coming up, he or she might fret about anything and everything that could possibly go wrong. But on the day, he or she might be pleasantly surprised to find that this certainly wasn't the case. All that worrying for nothing. Instead, if a highly strung individual dwells on anything and everything that could work out fine, he or she could possibly eliminate a huge percentage of anxiety about worst case scenarios.

Overall, the information in this article is for descriptive purposes only and it's always best to put into practice any relaxation techniques on the advice of a suitably qualified professional. Such a person, who in all likelihood is a counsellor or psychologist, would know your mental history and set relaxation exercises accordingly.

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