Lazy Monks Cafe at the Golden Buddha Thai Restaurant

Lazy Monks Cafe at the Golden Buddha Thai Restaurant


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With a long string of awards, The Golden Buddha has long been held as one of Brisbane's best Thai restaurants. But they have a secret which I will share with you - on weekends, the Golden Buddha Thai restaurant masquerades as the Lazy Monk Cafe and does an amazing breakfast. As a long time fan of their dinner menu and takeaway, I was lucky enough to be invited along by manager KJ and owner, Kisnee for breakfast one weekend.

The first thing that is glaringly apparent with the breakfast, is the same attention to detail the chefs have for the Golden Buddha dinner menu, translates very well to the Lazy Monks Cafe's beautiful breakfasts. Many breakfasts are served with a small Thai twist or presented in a unique and tantalising way.

Vegetables can be found to be carved into amazing flower rosettes or fruit salad served in a Tom Yum mug with honey on the side in a spoon. Or bacon and eggs served on a wooden platter. I was impressed that even the coffee (and admittedly I did ask for a large one!) was served in a swirling Tom Yum bowl. Both the chefs and baristas take so much care and pride in every detail.

With an extensive herb garden on site, all of the chefs make good use of this convenience. Many breakfast dishes are served with a hint of coriander, or a swish of mint, adding to the beautiful flavours and giving a hint of the exotic.

There were too many breakfasts for me to try on just one visit, and I have sworn to myself that I will be coming back again. Next time, I will perhaps try the Duck Roll, as suggested by Kismet as one of her favourites (and at only $9.90 it seems like a done deal), or the interestingly titled Canadian Pancakes served with maple-soaked bacon. Or if a little (or a lot) hungrier, I am assured that the most popular option on the menu, the Aussie Breakfast at $18.90 will be sure to fill me up, with rib fillets, lamb cutlets, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and toast!

The Lazy Monks Cafe is open on weekends from 7.30am and they serve breakfast until 12, when their lunch menu, described intriguingly as "Thai street food" takes over. Everything is incredibly reasonably priced too, with plain toast starting at $2.50 or a Breakfast roll with bacon, egg and your choice of BBQ or tomato sauce for only $3.50. Even the Canadian Pancakes or Banana French toasts are priced at a very appetising $10.90.

But the most important thing – did the breakfast taste as good as it looked? The answer was a resounding yes. Everything I sampled was, without a doubt, absolutely delicious.

This is not just another 'restaurant that now does breakfast', the Lazy Monks Cafe breakfast is a breakfast to go out of your way for.

And it gets better -

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