Lawson Waterfall Circuit

Lawson Waterfall Circuit


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No doubt, the Blue Mountains is the best mountain ranges in New South Wales, and it is no wonder that Lawson right next to Leura displays one of the best waterfall treks in the Blue Mountains region.

Lawson's Circuit is an absolute must walk and can be conquered by all ages and levels of fitness. With outstanding waterfalls (especially a day after a downpour) it is one of the most amazing natural outdoor activities to do.

With four main waterfalls and several hidden smaller ones along the way.... it is certainly going to be a day or even a couple of hours of pure excitement.

The track is rated medium and on average will take you around two hours to see all four main waterfalls. However, if you are anything like my partner and I, we spent the whole day soaking up the sun rays as we trekked our way through what the great outdoors had to offer- from pure bushland to slippery, muddy paths and most of the time we had the whole circuit to ourselves.

We packed a picnic filled with plenty of water and of course sweet goodies and finally rested at one of the biggest waterfalls (Federal Falls) - sitting directly opposite the falls under a gum tree next to mossy rocks we ate in pure serenity, with the only sounds being the trickle of water and birds chirping high above us in the trees – the other occasional sound was my partner chatting away.

This bushwalk has alot to offer, with cascading waters, tall trees and surrounding bushland that tantalises your senses with the smell of nature, the feel of the water dripping onto your skin as you stand under a waterfall... it is breathtakingly wonderful!

Just some tips before you take on the trek, make sure you wear sturdy sandshoes or hiking boots as there are many uneven, slippery and muddy paths, hold onto the rails when going down the stairs made out of rock as they are quite steep and slippery after a rainy day and of course bring plenty of water and if you are planning on making a day out of it, bring lots of food to replenish the lost energy!

This is a circuit you want to experience and tick off your bucket list. With the abundance of birdlife, pure nature and plenty of tall cascading waterfalls to stand under (safety of course comes first) and resting spots to rest your footsies and take in a deep fresh air... it is indubitably rewarding after you complete the whole circuit!

Lawson Waterfall Circuit is located near Honour Ave and Livingstone St, South Lawson- there are two main carparks one being at the main entrance of the waterfalls and the other on the end of the circuit which is around 1 minute drive from the main carpark area.

The signage is quite small and can be easily missed – (we missed it the first time, and asked a local for directions).

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